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Photofinishing business articles

Here we collect articleas related to photo-business. How to place furniture in photo-store, how to place goods etc.

Compact Gretag minilab in photo store

Five key elements
Marketing devoted terrabayt thousands of books, articles and journals. One section of marketing is merchandising. It iss the science of how to properly position the product for sale. I hope that the proposed article to your attention be useful for you. The material helps correctly position the product, namely the film, in a photographic shop.

Tips on purchasing used minilab
Take your time. The purchase of a minilab is a serious matter, you need to weigh everything and think before you buy. You must understand that you get not a lighter (though here too, caution is necessary), but complex equipment, worth many thousands of dollars....

Ideas for compact minilab photo store planning
Let me introduce you some options for the layout of a photo shop with a compact minilabs, developed by the specialists of Gretag. The new, high qulity, individual shop system, thet provides maximum flexibility on minimum floorspace. The MasterShop concept provides flexibility, space-saving, reusability, easily assembling, adaptability, cost-efficiency.

Effective planning of retail space for photoshop
So you've decided to buy minilab. You understand that it must be profitable. Strictly speaking, you are buying this technique to make a profit. But did you remember that in photoshop, not only develope the film and print photos, but also sell photo equipment? Are you thinking about how to place your commercial equipment, goods and minilab to make the store "pump" money from the pocket of the buyer?

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