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Frontier DL430 Dry Minilab

Printing version

Fuji Dry Minilab Frontier DL 430

Convenient location, high image quality print service!
Easy operation and high functionality presented in a compact size.
Newly available - the Dry Minilab Fuji DL430

Fuji Dry Minilab Frontier DL 430
Inkjet system
Dual roll paper flexibility now available in a Compact Frontier Dry Inkjet Minilab Fuji

Features Fuji Frontier DL430 Digital Dry minilab

Frontier Quality with our Proprietary Technology
High-level Frontier quality achieved by combining newly developed exclusive paper and ink with Fujifilm's proprietary Image Intelligence image processing software.

Image Intelligence
Incorporated Image Intelligence automatically compensates for problematic conditions, such as poor lighting, backlighting, high contrast, underexposure or overexposure.
Image Intelligence also makes skin tones more natural and facial expressions more distinct.
Processing time is reduced because photo image correction is automatic at the same time ensurring attractive, customer-pleasing prints.

Fujifilm Quality Dry Photo Paper
Fujifilm Quality Dry Photo Paper - inkjet paper produced exclusively for use with the DL430 - achieves a wide range of vivid colors, high black density and purer whiteness. In addition, the exellent image clarity of the paper enables you to achieve the highest quality prints with outstanding glossiness and sharpness.
High functionality processing for speedy service
High functionality enables approx. 650 sheets per hour (4R). Even large orders can be fulfilled quickly and efficiently. Connecting two machines allows higher functionality delivering approx. 1,300 sheets per hour (4R).*
* When connecting to several machines, RIP PC is necessary for each printer.

Wide Variety of print services
Five types of roll paper and two types of sheet paper offer a lineup of various glossy and luster surface options, and a rich diversity of print services. Also able to create enlarged prints of up to 914,4mm in length.
*610mm when RIP PC is not used.

7-order sorter (optional)
This optional sorter has the function of sorting 8x10 prints.
Compact design for convenient location
Space saving design with compact footprint of just 0.5m2. Utilizes normal electric supply, so no need to select special location. The DL430 is ready to respond to the demands for expanded print services.
Easy maintenance
With the Dry Minilab System, maintenance is as simple as changing the ink cartridges and switching papers.

Wide range of easily changeble roll paper sizes

Easily changeable ink cartridges

Handy sheet paper tray
Easy operation and highly efficient workflow
Double roll (optional)
With built-in roll paper magazine, the need for changing and replenishing paper is reduced by half.

Exterior magazine with built-in ID chip and internal sensor for paper roll (optional)
Automatically identifies paper surface when paper is changed. No need for time-consuming and troublesome manual operation.

MS software
Fuji DL430 equipped with MS software for easy operation, enabling highly efficient printing process.

Create a variety of systems to suit the needs of your shop
Create your own optimal systems by connecting to order terminals, scanners, etc. to expand the range of services your shop offers and to respond to anticipated processing demands.

Frontier DL430 Fuji Dry Minilab

Specifications Fuji Frontier DL-430

Model Frontier DL430
Print method Piezoelectric inkjet system
Print capacity Approx. 650 prints / hr (4 x 6-size)
Approx. 250 prints / hr (8 x 10-size)
Print resolution 720 x 720dpi
Paper Roll paper 4"x328' (102mm x 100m), 5"x328' (127mm x 100m), 6"x328' (152mm x 100m), 8"x328' (203mm x 100m), 10"x328' (254mm x 100m)
Sheet paper 8"x10"(203mm x 264mm), A4(210mm x 307mm)
Paper lengths Minimum length: 89mm Maximum length: 914.4mm
(610mm when RIP PC is not used.)
Paper type Glossy/ Luster
Ink cartridges 4 colors (Y, M, C, BK) of dye based ink
(Volume: 500ml per color)
Back printing Image information is printed on the back of the print - 2 lines (80 characters)
Printer sorter (optional) 7-order sorter or 8-order sorter(selectable)
*Only 7-order sorter has the function of sorting 8x10 prints.
Floor space Approx. 0.5 m2 (RIP PC and other options not included)
*Floor contact footprint : Approx. 0.46m2
Total installation space Approx. 2.4 m2
(RIP PC and other options not included)
Power requirements 100-120V / 200-240V (50 / 60Hz) manual conversion single-phase two-wire
Dimensions (mm) L800 x W621 x H589
(RIP PC and other options not included)
Weight Weight per unit: 99 kg
(RIP PC, paper, inkjet cartridges options not included)
Power consumption 51.0Kwh per month (in energy saving mode)
82.7Kwh per month (without energy saving mode)
Notes: Specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvements.

Fuji minilab parts

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