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    Headquartered in Grenoble, France, KIS Photo-Me Group, world leader in instant printing equipment, excels in the entire innovative process, from progressive labs to after sales support. Recognized as the inventor of the one-hour processing, KIS is the research and development, as well as the manufacturing arm, of Photo-Me. With over 43,000 digital photo kiosks and photo booths on five continents, KIS Photo-Me Group solutions are internationally acknowledged for their commitment to proximity and dynamism.

KIS minilabs and company profile

1946 Creation of the first photo booth by Photo-Me.

1963 Creation of KIS, based on the minute key concept.

1970 Development of minute-service.

1976 Colour photos are accepted for passports.

1981 KIS creates the first photo minilab of the world and is the inventor of the "One hour photo processing" concept.

1994 Launching of the first digital photobooth without flash. Entry into the Photo-me group.

2000 launches the DKS, the first 100% digital minilab. Signature of the first worldwide contract with Kodak. Launching of the silver-halide digital kiosk. Launch of the minibooth.

2002 ISO 9001 version 2000 certification.

2003 Launch of DKS 1500 integrating the MSB exposure system rewarded by the Photo Quality Prize won at DIMA in Las Vegas. Gretag AG bought by the Photo-Me Group and now renamed as Imaging Solutions AG.

2004 KIS wins the DIMA prize for the second year running.Launch of the 1st dry technology Minilab: The DKS 900.

2006 Development of the third generation digital minilab.

2007 Launch of the Photobook Pro album making machine. Launch of the dry technology Minilab 910.Best Innovative Product for the Photobook Pro.

2008 Best Dry Minilab for the DKS 910. Pixel Award for the Best Innovative Product in the UK for the Photobook Pro.

2009 Launch of the Photobook Maker (consumer-operated automatic album maker). Best Photo Kiosk TIPA Award for the Photobook Maker

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