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Noritsu minilab Digital Dry Printer D502

Printing version

D502 Compact Inkjet Printer

   The Noritsu D502 is a double-sided inkjet printer designed to produce a variety of retail photo products. With the D502 it’s easy to create greeting cards, calendars, posters, signs, scrapbooks, banners, enlargements and photobooks, generating exciting new revenue opportunities for retailers. The D502’s revolutionary dye ink printing system uses 6 gradations per dot, yielding high quality prints with excellent image portrayal that outperforms prints made from toner printers.

Noritsu D502 high capasity inkjet printer minilab
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   Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of the D502, an exciting new inkjet sheet printer with automatic duplex printing capability. This new minilab is the ideal product for progressive printing businesses because of the unique value-added solutions it provides. Photo retailers can use it to make greeting cards, calendars and other value-added products. Furthermore, when combined with the Noritsu EZ Photobook Binding System, the D502 also provides and excellent solution for on-site production of high quality photobooks. Noritsu Koki will proudly display the D502 along with the Noritsu EZ Photobook Binding System at photokina 2008, to be held from the 23rd to the 28th of September in Cologne, Germany.

   With a reputation for being a pioneer in the photo industry, Noritsu has repeatedly made key innovations that have enabled retailers to provide the appropriate solutions to meet the needs of the customers and also create new photo demands. The same holds true for the dry minilab market, as Noritsu was the first to bring an inkjet minilab to the market, and it now continues to enhance its dry printing technology through a series of successive inkjet printers.

   Recent trends have shown that consumers want to do more with their images, as evident in the growth in new demands for personalized photo products such as photobooks and greeting cards. As these growth trends continue, and as 4x6 prints become less profitable and less significant, it is now and will continue to be very important for retailers to reduce their reliance on 4x6 prints and adopt new value-added services, which generally yield much higher profit margins. We believe the D502 is the perfect product to help retailers do this.

   From 4x6 duplex prints to photobooks, calendars, double-sided business cards, double-sided postcards and greeting cards – The possibilities for high quality output are practically endless with the D502. This unique printer has the features you need to better meet consumer needs and create new demand and thereby pull in more revenue.

   The D502 can be installed in a shop as the main printer, or it is also an excellent machine to add to an existing system that is built around a QSS minilab or another printer. In addition to traditional photo retail outlets, it is also an easy product for non-photo retail locations to install and use to augment their income.

   We strongly suggest that you purchase the Noritsu EZ Photobook Binding System along with this duplex printer to tap into the booming photobook market and maximize the variety of value-added products you can produce. Furthermore, installing the EZ Controller (operation software) and CT terminals on the front end will make for a complete system, in which consumers can place orders for value-added products using a user-friendly touch screen interface.


D502 Features

Automatic duplex printing system opening the door for new value-added possibilities
Just like other printers in Noritsu’s product lineup, the D502 can make high quality single-sided prints. But when you add the D502’s duplex printing ability, this opens the door to a whole new realm of possibilities. In addition to double-sided 4R prints, this printer can also be used to make photobooks with double-sided pages, dual-sided business cards, postcards and greeting cards including commonly seen single-sided photo greeting cards as well as the traditional type of greeting cards that are folded and enclosed in an envelope. This fully automatic system makes it easy to increase your revenue with high quality double-sided value-added prints. All of these products are produced on Noritsu genuine photo paper using Noritsu genuine ink to ensure high quality products with excellent image permanence.

Noritsu EZ Photobook Binding System (Sold separately)

To compliment our new dry duplex printer, we will also sell the Noritsu EZ Photobook Binding System (NPB-1), which includes a binder, a creaser and a cutter. The D502 and the above-mentioned binding system “NPB-1” give you everything you need to tap into the lucrative personalized photo product market by making attractive photobooks with dual-sided pages. The NPB-1 has the advantages of being compact, efficient, safe, clean, and easy to use. A revolutionary gluing system is used to ensure very little or no waste.

Multi sheet paper support

The D502 supports sheet paper of various sizes, thicknesses, and paper surfaces. Glossy and semi-glossy paper can be used when making single-sided prints. When making duplex prints, thin semi-glossy paper can be used for photobook pages, plain thick paper can be used for photobook covers, and thick semi-glossy paper can be used for calendars and greeting cards. Noritsu genuine paper is supplied for all of these types of paper.


No photofinishing chemicals

Unlike silver halide minilabs, the D502 does not use any chemicals, nor does it produce any waste solution. This means you can replace the paper in a lighted room, and you can start printing almost immediately after flipping on the switch. The absence of chemicals also increases versatility and opens new doors to those inside and outside the photofinishing business, as it can be installed almost anywhere, in any kind of shop.


High quality prints with a state-of-the-art dye inkjet system


The D502 uses an advanced type of dye ink to produces crisp images with vivid colors. Automatic dot size control ensures fine gradations with minimal ink consumption. The ink used in the D502 has an improved molecular structure so it is able to withstand light and ozone, thus producing prints that boast excellent image permanence.
Inkjet technology was provided by Seiko Epson Corporation.

Compact design and easy installation

The footprint of the D502 is a mere 0.34 square meters (3.66 square feet). Only the front side needs to be accessed for maintenance, so it is possible to place the other three sides against a wall.


Operation software EZ ControllerPJP (sold separately)

The EZ Controller gives you the ability to easily perform many important functions such as PJP, order management, and value-added print creation.
Prejudge print



Printing system

Piezo inkjet system

Print resolution

720 x 720 dpi
6 gradations per dot (No dot variation [white] + 5 dot sizes)

Paper width 100mm, 102mm (4 inches), 127mm (5 inches), 152mm (6 inches),
203mm (8 inches), 210mm, 216mm (8.5 inches), 254mm (10 inches)
Paper advance length
148 (5.8 inches) to 381mm (15 inches)
Processing capacity(Prints/hr)
Single-sided prints
Double-sided prints
102 x 155mm
(Approx. 4 x 6 inches)
Approx. 510
Approx. 190
254 x 206mm
(Approx. 10 x 8 inches)
Approx. 270
Approx. 110
210 x 300mm
(Approx. A4)
Approx. 220
Approx. 78

Capacity calculated according to our criteria. The actual capacity you achieve may be different.

Sheet paper for the D502
Paper type
Paper size
Main applications

Double-sided sheet paper
(Thin – A, semi-glossy)

152 x 155 mm (Approx. 6 x 6 inches) Photobook pages
203 x 206 mm (Approx. 8 x 8 inches)
254 x 206 mm (Approx. 10 x 8 inches)
210 x 300 mm (Approx. A4)

Double-sided sheet paper
(Thick – B, semi-glossy)

102 x 155 mm (Approx. 4 x 6 inches)

Greeting cards, Postcards,calendars,
business cards,
other types of duplex prints

102 x 206 mm (Approx. 4 x 8 inches)
210 x 300 mm (Approx. A4)
(Thick – B, Folded,
254 x 181 mm (Approx. 10 x 7 inches) Folded greeting cards
Sheet paper
(Photobook cover)
152 x 333 mm (Approx. 10 x 13 inches) Photobook cover
254 x 432 mm (Approx. 10 x 17 inches)

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