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Noritsu QSS-2901

Printing version

   Minilab Noritsu QSS-2901 is a unique device. Using technology MLVA (matrix of light micro-shutters) allows you to make prints up to 305x457 mm with a resolution of 400 pixels per inch.

Noritsu QSS-2901 Digital

   Plasticity of the so obtained image is the same as for optical printing, in principle, inaccessible to any of the laser sources of exposure.

   As a source of information laboratory receives information from any digital media: memory cards for digital cameras with the magneto-optics, FD, ZIP and CD-ROM drive. Также возможна печать с традиционных носителей: слайдов, ч/б и цветных негативов форматов: 110, 135, 120, 220, APS. It is also possible with traditional print media: slides, b / w and color film formats: 110, 135, 120, 220, APS.

Features of Noritsu minilab QSS-2901

Exposure unit  MLVA    High resolution
   The printer is equipped with a device on the basis of exposing MLVA (matrix of light micro-shutters). Данная технология позволяет делать отпечатки шириной до 305 мм с разрешением 400 точек на дюйм. This technology allows you to make prints up to 305 mm in width with a resolution of 400 dots per inch.

   High performance
   Application of high-speed scanner, and a halogen lamp light source for MLVA achieves skrorosti Exhibits 1 d.ym per second (about 1,480 prints 9х13 per hour).

   Film scanner, a digital station, printer and a wet part of the collection in a compact body and occupy only 2.24 m2.

user interface    User-friendly interface
   The display shows the currently involved in I / O devices. Просто взглянув на основное меню, Вы увидите всю информацию о выполняемом лабораторией заказе. Just look at the main menu, you will see all the information about the executable laboratory order.

   Universal negative mask
   QSS-2901 is equipped with an automatic mask that works with conventional film, and the format of APS (negative or slide). Смена объектива сканера при этом производиться простым поворотом ручки. Changing the lens scanner at the same time be made simply by turning the handle.

   Embedded Help
   In the computer program instruction set minilab operator. При появлении сообщения об ошибке, достаточно нажать кнопку "Помощь" и на экране появиться пошаговая инструкция по устранению неисправности. If you receive an error message, just click the "Help" and appears on the screen step by step instructions for troubleshooting.

   Printing from digital media
   The procedure for printing from digital media is similar to printing from scanned film.

   Paper feed system of two stores and avtompticheskogo replenishment working tanks
    The printer can be set two stores with paper of different widths. Оператор может делать отпечатки разных форматов не вставая с места. The operator can make prints of different formats without getting up. Система автоматической доливки воды поддерживает неизменным состояние рабочих растворов и предотвращает нарост кристаллов. Automatic top up the water supports the same state of working solutions and prevents the build-up of crystals.

   Automatic digital image correction
   DIGITAL ICE technology allows us to identify dust, fingerprints and scratches on the image and automatically fix them.


   Amendments to the frame with backlighting
   If the object is removed on a bright background, the printer automatically adjust the density for the subject and background.

backlighting corrction

   Correction frames taken with flash
   If the subject is "knocked out" vspishkoy, but the background is very dark - minilab adjust the density to-edge sharpness.

flash correction

   Correction of underexposed and overexposed negatives
   QSS-2901 automatically detects this combination of brightness and contrast of the image, where the veil kept to a minimum, and the color saturation tends to normal.

Correction of overexposured and underexposured negatives

   Sharpness improving
   Software Laboratory pzvolyayut raise or diminish the sharpness of the image at the request of the operator.


   Monitor calibration
    To configure the full compliance of prints and monitor the color and density, in the minilab used tsvetoanalizator.

Monitor calibration

Specifications QSS-2901 Digital

Display 17-inch color monitor with adjustable angle
Light source scanner halogen lamp (30.5 in 370Vt)
Film Formats 135F, 135P,135H, 135HD, 120 (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9,), 110, APS.
Film Types negatives and slides (135, 120, APS), slides in the frame
Negative mask (optional) 135/APS avtommaticheskaya mask, minimum number of frames - 2, transfer format - manual;
120 automatic mask, minimum number of frames - 1;
100 automatic mask, minimum number of frames - 3;
135/APS handmade mask slides in carrier
Printing process MLVA
Permission 400 dpi
Exposure speed 24,4 mm per sek.
Paper Width 82.5, 89, 102, 114, 117, 120, 127, 130, 152, 165, 178, 203, 210, 216, 240, 254, 279, 305 mm
Length paper 82.5 up to 457 mm
Paper Feed The system of two cassettes
Cleaning cross-racks automatic
Dimensions (mm) (D) 2305 x (W) x 950 (H) 1350 mm
Weight 692kg.
Occupied area 2,24 m2.

Performance QSS-2901 Digital

135 film (24 frames)
Print size Performance
prints per hour
127 x 89мм (5"x3,5") ~ 1480
152 x 102мм (6"x4") ~ 1050

APS (25 frames)
Print size Performance
prints per hour
by 89 paper
Mixed C, H, P Formats

Digital camera (2 megapixels).
Print size Performance
prints per hour
127 x 89мм (5"x3,5") ~ 620

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