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Minilab repaire and setup

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Minilab repair useful tips and articles

   Minilab warranty time has gone... Service engineer is incredibly expensive and located far away. But we can solve even some serious troubles with minilab by ourself!

Noritsu minilab laser repair

Noritsu minilab laser exposure unit repaire

    Our Noritsu QSS-3001 has worked for 2 years and at the right edge of the image (size 20x30) gradually appeared a broad band. It looked lighter than the main background. We cleaned the glass with a brush. After dismantled paper feeding unit and cleaned glass by cleaning solutions. These actions have failed.
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Noritsu service password

   One who work with Noritsu minilab knows thet sometime melfunctions occure. Or sometime one need to provide some minilab adjustment which is not available in regular operation software. In order to provide some service to minilab one has to enter into service software mode, but minilab require Noritsu service password.
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Partrtnumbers of calibrating strip for Noritsu and Fuji Minilab densitometers

   Sometime it is difficult to recognise partnumbers of calibrating strip for Noritsu and Fuji Minilab densitometer. Here you will find mentioned partnumbers.
Partrtnumbers of calibrating strip for Noritsu and Fuji Minilab densitometers...

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