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Equipment for Photobooks manufacturing

Printing version

Equipment for Photobooks manufacturing

   To make a photo book, you must: a) print pages, b) put them in photobook. Options of such production can be an endless variety, such as image can be printed on an inkjet printer, but we're talking about the production of photo books as a business direction, and so far in this industry the most common two types of print photo books: using the photographic and printing equipment.


   For the production of the first type of photo books required digital minilab for printing sheets. This is a fairly expensive equipment from Noritsu and Fuji and its purchase makes sense for high volume printing. But it is not necessary to invest in the equipment at the first stage of the production of photo books, as owners of existing photographic will be happy print your file on their hardware.

   In order to bend the sheet in half pictures, they should make bending - to work out the future line of folding paper. Machine for bending and is called - bender.

   Pre-folded sheets of special protective plates have shifted from image (anti-bonding of internal pages with images in the assembly of sheets in the block), as well as the back side - or two-sided adhesive glue cardboard. Block heated, compressed and cooled press.

   For such an operation using the oven and press the manual version of the artisanal or a special machine for the production of photo books. In principle, there are other options for the assembly of sheets in the block. For example, there are special glue machines that probigovannye glued sheets without using liquid glue heating and protective pads.

   At the completion of the unit is equipped with a cover. Usually - the glue.

   For the production of photobooks second option range used equipment is not so wide. This is used for printing printing equipment such as digital Offset machine or even a color printing machine, and to bond the sheets in the unit - the standard Stitchers and binding machines.

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