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NORITSU - spare parts
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KONICA - spare parts
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360C1059086 filter not original (CHINA)
360C1059086 filter not original (CHINA)
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371F0740D nozzle
371F0740D nozzle
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Fuji Frontier AOM drivers
Fuji Frontier AOM drivers

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Konica 36 Konica 36

You can find necessary KONICA spare part by entering part-number in search form at top of page.
It is better to skip last letter of partnumber becouse it does not matter but dont forget to type spacebar. For example: 3850 02216, but not 3850 02216A and not 385002216.
Or find here

396036002C 396036002D 396036003A 396036003B 396036004A 396036004B 396036005A 396036006A 396036007A 396036009A 396036011A 396036011B 396036012A 396036012B 396036012D 396036013A 396036013B 396036013C 396036014A 396036015A 396036016A 396036031C 396036033A 396036034A 396036035A 396036053B 396036054A 396037000A 396037001A 396037001B 396037001C 396037002A 396037002B 396037002C 396037003A 396037003B 396037004A 396037004B 396037005A 396037006A 396037008A 396037009A 396037011B 396037012A 396037013A 396037017A 396038001A 396038002C 396038003A 396038004A 396038005A 396038005B 396038005C 396038006A 396038006C 396038007A 396038008B 396038008C 396038009B 396038009C 396038010A 396038013A 396038014A 396038015A 396038017A 396038018A 396038021A 396038021B 396038022B 396038023A 396038024B 396038025A 396038029A 396038031A 396038033A 396038034A 396038037A 396038038A 396038039A 396038040B 396038041A 396038041B 396038046B 396038047B 396038050A 396038051A 396038051B 396038052A 396038052B 396038053B 396038055C 396038059A 396038061A 396038062C 396038064B 396038065B 396038067A 396038069A 396038070B 396038075A 396038075B 396038076A 396038076B 396038078C 396038079A 396038080A 396038081A 396038081B 396038082A 396038083A 396038084A 396038085A 396038086B 396038087A 396038090B 396038091B 396038092A 396038093A 396038094D 396038095A 396038099B 396038100A 396038101A 396038102A 396038103B 396038104B 396038108A 396038109B 396038112A 396038117B 396038118A 396038118B 396038119A 396038119B 396038120A 396038121B 396038123A 396038124A 396038124B 396038126A 396038127B 396038128A 396038129A 396038130B 396038132B 396038133A 396038134A 396038135A 396038136A 396038137A 396038138A 396038139A 396038141A 396038142A 396038143A 396038144A 396038145A 396038146A 396038147A 396038148A 396038150A 396038153A 396038154B 396039000A 396039001D 396039001E 396039002C 396039005C 396039005D 396039006D 396039007C 396039008D 396039009D 396039010C 396039011C 396039012C 396039013C 396039013D 396039014C 396039015C 396039016B 396039016C 396039017B 396039018B 396039018C 396039019D 396039020A 396039021B 396039021C 396039022B 396039023B 396039024B 396039025C 396039026B 396039027B 396039027C 396039031C 396039033A 396039033B 396039034B 396039035B 396039036B 396039037B 396039039B 396039041C 396039042C 396039043B 396039046A 396039049A 396039050B 396039051B 396039052B 396039052C 396039057A 396039058A 396039059B 396039060A 396039061A 396039063C 396039064A 396039065C 396039066A 396039067D 396039068C 396039069B 396039070C 396039071C 396039072A 396039073C 396039074B 396039074C 396039075B 396039076D 396039077A 396039078A 396039079C 396039080B 396039080C 396039081B 396039081C 396039082B 396039083B 396039085C 396039086A 396039087A 396039088B 396039089A 396039090A 396039091A 396039200 396039201C 396039202C 396039203D 396039203E 396039204B 396039205C 396039206C 396039207B 396039208B 396039209B 396050001A 396050001B 396050002B 396050007B 396070501A 396071001A 396071240B 396071240C 396071240C0JR 396071240D 396072101A 396072201A 396072901A 396075001A 396076503A 396076802A 396076902A 396076903A 396076904A 396076905A 396076910A 396076911A 396085001A 396085902A 396085903A 396085904A 396085906A 396085907A 396085908B 396085909A 396085910A 396085911A 396085912A 396085918A 396085919A 396087002B 396087003B 3960B1006A 3960B1007A 3960B1008A 3960B1009A 3960B1010A 3960B1011A 3960B1012B 3960B1013A 3960B1014A 3960B1015A 3960B1016B 3960B1016F 3960B1017C 3960B1018A 3960B1020A 3960B1021A 3960B1022A 3960B1023A 3960B1024A 3960B1025A 3960B1026A 3960B1027B 3960B1027C 3960B1028A 3960B1029A 3960B1030A 3960B1031A 3960B1032B 3960B1033A 3960B1034A 3960B1036D 3960B1202B 3960B1202C 3960B1204A 3960B1205A 3960B1205B 3960B1206A 3960B1207A 3960B1208A 3960B2001A 3960B2001B 3960B2002A 3960B3001D 3960B3002B 3960B3003A 3960B3004B 3960B4001A 3960B4002A 3960B4002B 3960C0001B 3960C0002A 3960C0004C 3960C0004D 3960C0005B 3960C0006A 3960C0006C 3960C0006D 3960C0007B 3960C0007C 3960C0008B 3960C0010B 3960C0010C 3960C0011F 3960C0012E 3960C0012F 3960C0101B 3960C0101C 3960C0102B 3960C0103A 3960C0105B 3960C0105C 3960C0106A 3960C0108A 3960C0108B 3960C0108C 3960C0108D 3960C0109B 3960C0111F 3960C0111G 3960C0113A 3960C0113B 3960C0115A 3960C0116A 3960C2001A 3960D1001C 3960D1002A 3960D1003A 3960D1004A 3960D1005A 3960D1006A 3960D1006B 3960D1007A 3960D1008A 3960D1008B 3960D1010A 3960D1011A 3960D1011D 3960D1012A 3960D1013A 3960D1014A 3960D1015A 3960D1016B 3960D1017A 3960D1018A 3960D1032A 3960D2001A 3960D2002A 3960D2003A 3960D2004A 3960D2005A 3960D2006A 3960D2009A 3960D2018A 3960D2019A 3960D2107A 3960D4101B 3960D5005A 3960D6001B 3960D8003A 3960D8004A 3960D8004C 3960D8005A 3960D8057A 3960D8058A 3960D9003C 3960D9004B 3960H1000B 3960H1020A 3960H1020A0JR 3960H1020B 3960H1030B 3960H1030B0JR 3960H1030C 3960H1040A 3960H1050B 3960H1060A 3960H1060A00R 3960H1060B00R 3960H1070B 3960H1080A 3960H1090B 3960H1120A 3960H1120B 3960H1130B 3960H1140A 3960H1200B 3960H1210B 3960H1210C 3960H1220B 3960H1220D 3960H1220E 3960H1230B 3960H1260B 3960H1270B 3960H1290B 3960H1300C 3960H1310A 3960H1330B 3960H1350A 3960H1370A 3960H1500B 3960H1500D 3960H1500E 3960H1500H 3960H1510B 3960H1560A 3960H1570B 3960H1580C 3960H2101A 3960H2102A 3960H2103A 3960H2104A 3960H2105A 3960H2106A 3960H2107A 3960H2108A 3960H2109A 3960H2110A 3960H2201A 3960H2301B 3960H2302A 3960H2305A 3960H2306A 3960H2310A 3960H2311B 3960H2312A 3960H3001A 3960H3201A 3960H3201B 3960H3202A 3960H3301A 3960H3302A 3960H3302C 3960H4001A 3960H4002A 3960H4002B 3960H4003A 3960H4003B 3960H4004A 3960H4004B 3960H4005A 3960H4101A 3960H4102A 3960H4102B 3960H4103A 3960H4103B 3960H4104A 3960H4104B 3960H4105A 3960H4105E 3960H7002A 3960H7004A 3960H7005A 3960H7006A 3960H8001A 3960H8101A 3960H8101B 3960H8102A 3960H8102B 3960H8301A 3960H8302A 3960H8303A 3960H8304A 3960H8305A 3960H8306A 3960H8307A 3960H8307B 3960H8308A 3960H8309A 3960J0901A 3960J4201A 3960J5063B 3960J5092B 3960J5107A 3960J5201A 3960J5203A 3960J5205B 3960J5208A 3960J5230A 3960J5231A 3960J5232A 3960J5506B 3960J5507B 3960J5526A 3960J5527A 3960J5528A 3960J5902A 3960J5903A 3960J5904A 3960J5905A 3960J5906A 3960M1009A 3960M4101A 3960N1002A 3960N1005A 3960N1035A 3960N2001A 3960N2002A 3960N2003A 3960N2007A 3960N2008A 3960N2026A 3960N2042A 3960N2043A 3960N2044A 3960P1010A 3960P1022A 3960P3103A 3960P3R0000TR 3960P5005A 3960P5007A 3960P5055A 3960P5056A 3960P5057A 3960P5058A 3960P5059A 3960P5060A 3960P5061A 3960P5062A 3960P5063A 3960P5064A 3960P5065A 3960P5066A 3960P5067A 3960P5068A 3960P5069A 3960P5107A 3960P5121A 3960P5123A 3960P5127A 3960P5130A 3960P5136A 3960P5139A 3960P5145A 3960P6004A 3960P6006A 3960P6007A 3960P6009A 3960Y1011B 3960Y1085A 3960Y4011B 3960Y6042A 3960Y6042B 3960Y6042C 3960Y6142A 3960Y7011B 3960Y7085A 3960Y9011B 3960YD100A 3960YZN05B 3960Z3103A 3960Z5005A 3960Z5092A 3960Z6005A 3960ZA001A 3960ZA002A 3960ZN003A 3960ZN005A 3960ZN005B 3960ZN006A 396239000A 396287004C 3962B2002A 3962C0001F 3962C0101G 3962D2002A 3962D2003A 3962H2313A 396301102A0TR 396301102B0TR 396316409A 396316413A 396338209A 396338209B 396338209C 396338209D 396338210A 396338210C 396338211D 396338212B 396338212C 396338213B 396338214A 396338214B 396338221B 396338224A 396338229A 396338235A 396338240A 396338241A 396338249B 396338255B 396338256A 396338258B 396338302A 396338303A 396338304A 396338305A 396338310A 396338315A 396338327B 396338329A 396338330B 396338331A 396338414A 396338415A 396338421B 396338424A 396338425A 396338436A 396342100A 396342100A0TR 396342500A 396343800A 396346005A 396346006B 396346201A 3963B6403A 3963B6405A 3963B6406A 3963D8201A 3963D8202A 3963D8203B 3963D8401A 3963E3702A 3963J5214A 3963J5221A 3963J5232A 3963J5241A 3963J5242A 3963J5243A 3963J5250A 3963P8201A 3963P8202A 3963Q4201A 3963YA100A 3963YA600A 3963ZM6400A 396439000A 396487003C 396487003C0TR 396487003D 397001105B 397001106B 397001107B 397001108B 397001114B 397001130A 397001131A 397001132A 397001135A 397001141A 397001210B 397001211A 397001212B 397001214B 397001215B 397001216A 397001224B 397001237B 397001238B 397001239B 397001240A 397001242A 397001243A 397001303B 397001304A 397001305A 397001308A 397001309A 397001310A 397001311A 397001313A 397001314A 397001315B 397001316A 397001317A 397001318A 397001401B 397001402B 397001403A 397001405A 397001407A 397001409B 397001410A 397001415A 397001505C 397001507C 397001508A 397001509A 397001601A 397001602B 397001603A 397001604A 397001605A 397001606A 397001609A 397001623A 397001624A 397001627B 397001628B 397001629B 397001631B 397001633A 397001634A 397001635A 397001637B 397001643B 397001644C 397001676B 397001677B 397001682B 397001702B 397001703C 397001703E 397001710B 397001711B 397001712B 397001713A 397001713B 397001714A 397001715A 397001716D 397001720B 397001721B 397001722B 397001723B 397001724B 397001727C 397001728B 397001729C 397001732B 397001733B 397001734A 397001735B 397001736B 397001737B 397001739C 397001740B 397001741A 397001743B 397001744C 397001745B 397001746B 397001748D 397001749D 397001750A 397001753C 397001753D 397001761B 397001770A 397001779B 397001780A 397001780B 397001781B 397001782C 397001783B 397001784A 397001787A 397001796B 397001797A 397001798B 397001800A 397001801A 397001802A 397001806A 397001807A 397001808A 397001809A 397001810A 397001811A 397001812A 397001814A 397001815A 397001817A 397001818A 397001819A 397001820A 397001821A 397001822A 397001823A 397001826A 397001827A 397001830A 397001831A 397001905A 397001907B 397001908B 397001909A 397001910A 397001912A 397001913A 397001915A 397001916A 397002103A 397002104A 397002105A 397002106A 397002107A 397002108A 397002109A 397002110A 397002111A 397002112A 397002113A 397002114A 397002115A 397002116A 397002118A 397002201A 397002204A 397002301B 397002302A 397002303A 397002304A 397002600A 397002600B 397002601A 397002602B 397002602C 397002603A 397002604A 397002605A 397002606A 397002607A 397002608A 397002610A 397002611A 397002612A 397002613A 397002614A 397002615A 397002616C 397002617A 397002618A 397002619A 397002620A 397002621A 397002622A 397002656A 397003101A 397003101B 397003102A 397003102B 397003103A 397003104A 397003105A 397003106A 397003107A 397003108A 397003109A 397003110A 397003111B 397003115A 397003117A 397003118B 397003119A 397003120B 397003121A 397003123A 397003124A 397003129B 397003130B 397003133A 397003135A 397003139A 397003140A 397003141A 397003142A 397003143A 397003144A 397003146A 397003147A 397003148A 397003149A 397003155A 397003160A 397003162A 397003163B 397003164A 397003165A 397003166A 397003168A 397003169A 397003191A 397003198A 397003231A 397003300A 397003301B 397003302A 397003303A 397003303B 397003307A 397003309A 397003312B 397003312C 397003313B 397003314B 397003315B 397003316A 397003317B 397003318B 397003319A 397003321A 397003322B 397003323B 397003324B 397003327A 397003330A 397003331A 397003334A 397003342A 397003344A 397003377A 397003378A 397003379A 397003380A 397003381A 397039000A 397039000B 397039001B 397039002A 397050001A 397050002A 397050003A 397050004A 397050005A 397050006A 397050007A 397050008A 397050009A 397050010A 397050011A 397050012A 397050013A 397050015A 397050016A 397050017A 397050018A 397050019A 397050020A 397050025A 397050026A 397050027A 397050028A 397050029A 397050030A 397050071A 397054001A 397054001B 397054002A 397054005A 397054005B 397054100C 397054102A 397054104A 397054200A 397054200B 397054205A 397054300A 397054400A 397054500A 397054501A 397054600A 397072101A 397072901A 397080001A 397080002A 3970A1301A 3970A1402A 3970A1402B 3970A1403A 3970A1617A 3970A1618A 3970A1619A 3970A1621A 3970A1622A 3970A1717B 3970A1717C 3970A1730A 3970A1766A 3970A1787A 3970A1801A 3970A1802A 3970A1803A 3970A1804A 3970A1901A 3970A1902A 3970A1903A 3970A2201A 3970A3101A 3970A3102A 3970A3102B 3970A3103A 3970A3103B 3970A3104A 3970A3105A 3970A3106A 3970A3106B 3970A3107A 3970A3109A 3970A3113A 3970A3114A 3970A3115A 3970A3116A 3970A3301A 3970A3302A 3970A3303A 3970A3304A 3970A3305A 3970A3314A 3970A3314B 3970A3316A 3970H1000A 3970H1010A 3970H1010B 3970H1020A 3970H1030A 3970H2101A 3970H2102A 3970H2103A 3970H2104A 3970H2301A 3970H2302A 3970H3301A 3970H3302A 3970H3303A 3970H4001A 3970H4002A 3970H4003A 3970H4004A 3970H4005A 3970H4006A 3970H4007A 3970H4008A 3970H4101A 3970H4102A 3970H4103A 3970H4104A 3970H4105A 3970H5001A 3970H7001A 3970H7002A 3970H7003A 3970H7004A 3970H7005A 3970H7006A 3970H7007A 3970H7008A 3970H8001A 3970H8002A 3970H8003A 3970H8004A 3970H8005A 3970H8006A 3970H8007A 3970H8008A 3970H8009A 3970H8010A 3970H8011A 3970H8012A 3970H8013A 3970H8014A 3970H8101A 3970H8102A 3970H8201A 3970H8301A 3970H8302A 3970H8303A 3970H8304A 3970H8305A 3970H8306A 3970H8307A 3970H8308A 3970H8309A 3970J5015A 3970J5034A 3970J5035A 3970J5040A 3970J5042A 3970J5043A 3970J5044A 3970J5045A 3970J5046A 3970J5047A 3970J5048A 3970J5050A 3970J5053A 3970J5054A 3970J5055A 3970L1301A 3970L1501A 3970L1503A 3970L1517A 3970L1601A 3970L1602A 3970L1603A 3970L1604A 3970L1607A 3970L1608A 3970L1608B 3970L1611A 3970L1617A 3970L1640A 3970L1803A 3970L2105A 3970L2201A 3970L2204A 3970L2302A 3970L2304A 3970L3101A 3970L3101B 3970L3102A 3970L3103A 3970L3104A 3970L3105A 3970L3106A 3970L3107A 3970L3108B 3970L3109A 3970L3110B 3970L3111A 3970L3112A 3970L3113A 3970L3114A 3970L3115A 3970L3116A 3970L3117A 3970L3119A 3970L3120A 3970L3122A 3970L3123A 3970L3124A 3970L3125A 3970L3126A 3970L3127A 3970L3301A 3970L3301B 3970L3303A 3970L3304A 3970L3305A 3970L3306A 3970L3307A 3970L3308A 3970L3308C 3970L3309A 3970L3310A 3970L3311A 3970L3321A 3970L3322A 3970L3323A 3970M1601A 3970N16D000JR 3970Y1010A 3970Y1010B 3970Y1011A 3970Y1011B 3970Y1011C 3970Y1031A 3970Y1031B 3970Y1039A 3970Y1039B 3970Y1039C 3970Y1051A 3970Y1136A 3970Y4010A 3970Y4010B 3970Y4011A 3970Y4011B 3970Y4011C 3970Y4039B 3970Y4039C 3970Y5010A 3970Y5011A 3970Y6031A 3970Y6039A 3970Y6041A 3970Y6042A 3970Y6042C 3970Y6051A 3970Y6136A 3970Y7031B 3970Y9010B 3970Y9011B 3970Y9011C 3970Y9039B 3970Y9039C 3970Z1111A 397201740B 397201742B 397201742C 397201780A 3972J5009A 3972L1641A 3972M1641A 397340129A 3980ZA001A 3987YA100A 3987ZA001A 3987ZA002A 4220130340 55VA80120-03 55VA80120-3 56GA-9090-00 56GA-9090-00 56GA-9091 584076302A 584076701A 587076901B 932409491 9329243C30430 9329243C30440 9329246C43310 9329288P14210 9329288P21810 9329288P21910 9329288P22320 9329521D07650 9329530D08010 9329552C00390 9329620D04730 9329621C13210 9329621C84510 9329621C84610 9329621C84810 9329621C86610 9329621C87310 9329621C88410 9329621C97210 9329621C99210 9329621D86110 9329621D88010 9329622D35010 9329622D49010 9329622D68310 9329622D68410 9329622D76710 9329622D92710 9329630C20610 9329630C20710 9329630C20810 9329630C20910 9329630C21110 9329630C23410 9329630C23610 9329630C26310 9329630C26320 9329630C26410 9329631D97410 9329631D97420 9329632D13110 9329685D03390 9329701B48020 9329750A48110 9329754B00210 9329754B00310 9329754B00420 9329754B00520 9329754B00610 9329754C18030 9329936B19212 9329936B19301 9329936B19711 9329936D20701 9329936D20801 9329936D20901 9329936D21001 9329936D21101 9329936D21201 9329936D21301 9329936D21401 9329936D21501 9329936D22201 9329936D22502 9329956B11008 9329956B11702 9329956C16003 9329956D15701 9329956D15802 9390YA100A 9599PW3009W2 9599Z0002A 9599Z0003A 9599Z0005A 9599Z0006A 9599Z0007A 9599Z0008A 9599Z0009A 9599Z0009B 9599Z0010A 9599Z0014A 9599Z0015A 9599Z0016A 9599Z0017A 9599Z0018A 9599Z0019A 9599Z0020A 9599Z0021A 9599Z0022A 9599Z0026A 9599Z0027A 9599Z0028A 9599Z0029A 9599Z0030A 9599Z0031A 9599Z0032A 9599Z0033A 9599Z0034A 9599Z0035A 9599Z0036A 9599Z0037A 9599Z0038A 9599Z0039A 9599Z0040A 9599Z0041A 960000001 960000002 960000003 960000004 960000005 960000007 960000008 960000009 960000010 960000011 960000012 960000013 A00042159810 A00043008352 A00043008362 A00043008371 A00043008933 A000431259761 A00043159751 A00043159761 A00043159770 A00043159781 A00043Z00110 A000Z2204140 A000Z2403120 A000Z2504141 A000Z2603100 A000Z6103000 A000Z6104000 A000Z6106000 A000Z9504080 A000Z9506300 A000ZZBE606 A000ZZBE6080 AAAA71000017 AAAA71000018 AAAA71000019 AAAA71000020 AAAA71001001 AAAA71001002 AAAA71001003 AAAA71001004 AAAA71001006 AAAA71001006R AAAA71001007 AAAA71001008 AAAA71001016 AAAA71001022 AAAA71001027 AAAA71001028 AAAA71001029 AAAA71900007 AAAA71900009 AAAA71900012 AAAA71900017 AAAA71900020 AAAA71900021 AAAA71900021R AAAA71900022 AAAA71900023 AAAA71900024 AAAA71900024R AAAA71900026 AAAA71900028 AAAA71900041 AAAA71900042 AAAA71900044 AAAA71900045 AAAA7190024JR AAAA72001007 AAAA72101001 AAAA72101005 AAAA72101055 AAAA72201004 AAAA72300019 AAAA72300021 AAAA72301004 AAAA72400157 AAAA72400158 AAAA72400159 AAAA72400160 AAAA72401003 AAAA72900017 AAAA72901002 AAAA72901005 AAAA73301000 AAAA73301006 AAAA73301007 AAAA74001006 AAAA74021004 AAAA74021604 AAAA74101000 AAAA74101001 AAAA76000009 AAAA76000017 AAAA76000028 AAAA76000041 AAAA7600017 AAAA76500010 AAAA76500010J AAAA76500010R AAAA76500013 AAAA76500015 AAAA76500015R AAAA76700003 AAAA76801002 AAAA77000155 AAAA77000156 AAAA77000296 AAAA77000334 AAAA77001003 AAAA77900004 AAAA78000031 AAAA78000041 AAAA78000042 AAAA78001008 AAAA78001010 AAAA78001011 AAAA78001012 AAAA78001014 AAAA78001015 AAAA78001016 AAAA78001019 AAAA78001023 AAAA78001026 AAAA78100A00 AAAA78101001 AAAA78900002

This article was published on 03/12/2009.
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