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340D965319C handle Fuji Frontier 330/340 from China
340D965319C handle Fuji Frontier 330/340 from China
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371F0740D nozzle
371F0740D nozzle
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Fuji Frontier AOM drivers
Fuji Frontier AOM drivers

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You can find necessary AGFA spare part by entering part-number in search form at top of page or here
Parts-list Agfa MSC 100 on CD Parts-list Agfa MSC 200 on CD Rubber made original squigee roller. P3-E6344 P3-86682 P3-5358 P3-5216 CM+7042462700 tap CM+7850626010 rubber filter dempfer CM+7890050651 spring CM+9850599011 white plate densitometer CM+9879683500 sprocket CL+P3-86213 Roller for Lane Distributor CL+P3-86703 sprocket CL+P3-86811 roller foam CL+P3-86812 foam roller CL+P3-87084 gear CL+P3-87159 gear with sprocket CL+P4-94386 sprocket CL+P3-97017 foam roller CL+P3-97018 foam roller CL+P3-97019 foam roller CL+P3-E5402 bushing CL+P3-E6962 sprocket CL+P3A-95338 roller P4-39235 CL+P4-49901 stop ring CL+P4-5006 bearing CL+P4-6110(2/1) valve CL+P4-61783 stop ring CL+P4-86779 pin CL+P4-87052 звёздочка CL+P4-87163 bushing CL+P4-88783 pipe CL+P4-E1473 gear CL+P4-E3435 metal sprocket CL+P4-E5340 gear CL+P4-E5355 spring CL+P4-E5404 bushing CL+P4-F0620 CL+P4-F3971 rubber CL+P4A-E9698 support CL+P3-86701 gear CL+P3-87166 gear with shaft CL+P4-86706 gear cover CL+P4-86752 holder CL+P4-87170 clatch CL+P3-86595 gear CL+P3-E6342 вал река РР переменного сечения CL+P4-55751 колечко CL+P4-58256 gear CL+P4-86753 stop ring CL+P4-87162 шестерня CM+7766181990 крышка CM+9850626702 светофильтр пурпурный 7033898020 gasket small CM+7036961600 washer CM+7037195001 holder CM+7850216021 colour filter CM+7850611061 air filter CM+7850622560 air filter CM+7850671561 glass 9850132050 brush CM+9850399110 cap CM+9850399120 power unit CM+9850599190 CM+9850613300 cleaning leader CM+9850613400 cleaning strip CM+9850613401 cleaning strip CM+9850829200 glass turn CL+F4-45211 / 3480 03166 sprocket CL+F3-45488 ribbon washer CL+F4-05076 / 3480 03170 sprocket CL+F4-19431 foam rubber CL+F4-19432 пористая резина CL+F4-25020 gear F4-76597 chemical filter CL+F4-76607 nut CL+FA3-45223 washer CL+FA3-45225 roller CL+FA4-A0587 body CL+P1-87841 P3-49437 air filter CL+P3-60101 knife CL+P3-74395 sprocket CL+P3-8220 rubber roller CL+P3-86684 clatch CL+P3-86685 belt CL+P3-86810 foam roller CL+P3-86841 CL+P3-86856 CL+P3-88601 roller toothed CL+P3-96287 belt CL+P3-E0898 air filter CL+P3-E6344 rubber roller CL+P3A-96967 roller CL+P4-1119 valve CL+P4-3249 gasket CL+P4-36146 spring CL+P4-39214 gear CL+P4-39220 gear CL+P4-39261 bushing CL+P4-39286 bhushing CL+P4-39531 spring CL+P4-43269 gear CL+P4-44613 bushing CL+P4-45962 spring CL+P4-45963 CL+P4-49474 CL+P4-49833 stop ring CL+P4-49847 gear CL+P4-49855 spring CL+P4-5002 bearing CL+P4-5193 clatch CL+P4-52036 ring CL+P4-58283 gear CL+P4-58291 bushing CL+P4-5919 toothed belt CL+P4-5945 bearing CL+P4-5981 bearing CL+P4-61808 ring CL+P4-62551 spring CL+P4-63303 ring CL+P4-73544 pin CL+P4-7522 stopper CL+P4-7597 bolt CL+P4-78597 rubber CL+P4-79431 spring CL+P4-79432 spring CL+P4-8098 squgee roller CL+P4-84585 CL+P4-86312 spring CL+P4-86588 spring CL+P4-86656 gear CL+P4-86665 shaft CL+P4-86737 gear CL+P4-86738 gear CL+P4-86747 bushing CL+P4-86748 gear CL+P4-86749 gear CL+P4-86778 pin CL+P4-86830 gear CL+P4-87026 CL+P4-87873 air filter 90*78*3 CL+P4-88186 board CL+P4-88416 gear CL+P4-88492 clamp CL+P4-93646 air filter CL+P4-95005 spring CL+P4-95297 rubber CL+P4-95549 shaft CL+P4-E1350 gear CL+P4-E8038 rubber sticker CL+P4A-87303 squgee roller CL+P4A-87305 roller CL+P4A-87307 roller CL+P4A-95256 gear CL+P4A-E6346 gear CL+P5A-96155 CL+PA4-2059131 glass CL+PA5-56834 shaft CL+PA5-64587 board CL+ZEF-03 stop ring CL+ZEF-05 stop ring CL+ZQY-220 gasket CL+P4-87337 sprocket with shaft CL+P4A-95255 gear CM+7045065670 lamp socket CL+P4-49902 stop ring CL+P4-E5403 bushing CL+P4-E5450 gear CL+P4A-F0620 gear CL+P4A-E5452 gear CL+P3-86750 shaft CM+9850626602 filter yellow CM+9850626501 filter cyan CL+P4-87164 washer CL+P4-93685 sprocket CL+P4A-95257 gear CL+P4-86757 bushing CM+7999710240 sleeve CM+7045065670 lamp socket not original CL+P4-E5354 spring

This article was published on 03/12/2009.
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