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34B7499883 (set 3 pcs) warm gear unoriginal (China)
34B7499883 (set 3 pcs) warm gear unoriginal (China)
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3570 02205B C-ring
3570 02205B C-ring
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Fuji Frontier AOM drivers
Fuji Frontier AOM drivers

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Agfa 002 Agfa 002

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CL+P3-93648 GUIDE PLATE CL+P3-93689 COVER CL+P3-94013 TAPE DOOR CL+P3-94015 PLATE CL+P3-94016 TAPE HOLDER CL+P3-94017 ABFALLBOX CL+P3-94166 PRINT SIZE MASK 61X41 CL+P3-94198 ROLLER P CL+P3-94199 SPRITZSCHUTZ (ABLAUFHAEHNE) CL+P3-94200 TRAY (VALVE) CL+P3-94736 LEADER CARD 120 MM, U-CUT CL+P3-94778 SHIFTER RUBBER 1 CL+P3-94852 ROLLER Q CL+P3-94943 PAPER GUIDE CL+P3-95180 PLATE CL+P3-95281 PRINT SIZE MASK 41X29 CL+P3-95331 P-GUIDE CL+P3-95341 PAPER GUIDE CL+P3-95346 SENSOR HOLDER R CL+P3-95347 SENSORHALTER LINKS CL+P3-95402 FLANGE CL+P3-95463 SPROCKET CL+P3-95590 BRACKET CL+P3-95687 BUSH CL+P3-95697 BRACKET CL+P3-95764 ADAPTER FOR MSC101 CL+P3-96056 WINKEL CL+P3-96068 ROLLER S CL+P3-96211 BRACKET CL+P3-96227 DUCT CL+P3-96264 FLOAT CL+P3-96265 FLOAT (PP) (ONLY DEV) CL+P3-96287 ROLLER RUBBER (DEV) CL+P3-96310 CAM CL+P3-96709 BRACKET (RIGHT) CL+P3-96865 SQUEEZE ROLLER C CL+P3-96896 GEAR T=34 RF0751 CL+P3-96917 CHAIN RAIL (PLASTIC) CL+P3-96964 COVER CL+P3-97017 ROLLER CL+P3-97018 ROLLER CL+P3-97019 ROLLE M CL+P3-97020 ROLLER CL+P3-97021 ROLLER N CL+P3-97030 LEADER CARD 120 CL+P3A-86356 SUPPORT ASSY CL+P3A-86441 MESSAGE MASK ASSY CL+P3A-86473 PLATE ASSY CL+P3A-86528 BASE (DRIVE) ASSY CL+P3A-86669 ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-86712 ROLLER RUBBER ASSY CL+P3A-86717 TURN ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-86765 Umlenkrolle unten CL+P3A-86952 CARTRIDGE CASE ASSY CL+P3A-86975 GEHAEUSEABDECKUNG A, VOLLST. CL+P3A-87085 BASE A SUB ASSY CL+P3A-87120 EFFLUENT SENSOR ASSY CL+P3A-87123 MIXING SENSOR ASSY CL+P3A-87937 TERMINAL (TB5) ASSY CL+P3A-87938 TERMINAL (TB4) ASSY CL+P3A-88008 STECKERLEISTE FTB1 VOLLST. CL+P3A-88371 TERMINAL (TB1-T) ASSY (CE) CL+P3A-88372 TERMINAL (TB3) ASSY CL+P3A-88384 CASE A ASSY CL+P3A-88385 CASE B ASSY CL+P3A-88386 CASE C ASSY CL+P3A-88387 CASE D ASSY CL+P3A-88496 CARTRIDGE COVER B ASSY CL+P3A-94021 SWITCH ASSY CL+P3A-94074 COVER ASSY CL+P3A-94307 COVER A (LO.) ASSY CL+P3A-94308 COVER B (LO.) ASSY CL+P3A-94366 TRAY ASSY(WITH COVER) CL+P3A-94378 FOCUSING SCREEN CL+P3A-94488 BRACKET ASSY CL+P3A-95034 ORDER HANDLING BOX ASSY CL+P3A-95319 INNER COVER ASSY CL+P3A-95338 ROLLER I CL+P3A-95529 SPLASH GUARD B CL+P3A-95583 AOPPER ASSY CL+P3A-95750 COVER (L.C) ASSY CL+P3A-95759 1X240 MAGAZINE ASSY ACCESSORY PART CL+P3A-96053 PLATE (R) ASSY CL+P3A-96152 BASE B SUB ASSY CL+P3A-96290 RULLER RUBBER ASSY CL+P3A-96291 TURN ROLLER B ASSY FOR DEV CL+P3A-96337 PLATE B ASSY CL+P3A-96622 SHAFT ASSY CL+P3A-96724 SUPPORT ASSY CL+P3A-96967 ROLLER A CL+P3A-E0142 CARRIER ASSY CL+P3A-E0501 GUIDE (B) ASSY CL+P3A-E0634 BELT ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-E1343 COVER D. B. ASSY CL+P3A-E1345 GUIDE ASSY CL+P3A-E1471 ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-E1802 GUIDE (A) ASSY CL+P3A-E1862 GEAR BOX ASSY CL+P3A-E2912 SPLASH GUARD B ASSY (1P) CL+P3A-E2939 BUCKET ASSY CL+P3A-E3425 DEV GUIDE ASSY CL+P3A-E3436 INLET ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-E3750 ROLLER RUBBER ASSY CL+P3A-E3852 ANSCHLAGPLATTE KOMPL. CL+P3A-E3886 ROLLER RUBBER ASSY (B) CL+P3A-E3990 ROLLER 1 ASSY CL+P3A-E4805 SHAFT CL+P3A-E4961 ZAHNRADPLATTE KOMPL. CL+P3A-E5206 BOTTOM ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-E5398 BOTTOM ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-E5780 CARRIER ASSY CL+P3A-E6097 PLATE (GEAR BOX) ASSY CL+P3A-E6280 DRYER HEATER ASSY (im Austausch) CL+P3A-E6418 FOCUSSING SCREEN ASSY (1P) CL+P3A-E6589 APRON SHEET ASSY CL+P3A-E6789 BOTTOM ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-E6835 ENTRANCE ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-E6840 EXIT ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-E7144 ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-E7444 FUEHRUNG B VOLLST. CL+P3A-E7734 BOARD ASSY CL+P3A-E8244 HANDLE ASSY(PAPER REWING KNOB) CL+P3A-E8556 ROLLER (1) ASSY CL+P3A-E8557 ROLLER (2) ASSY CL+P3A-E8558 ROLLER (3) ASSY CL+P3A-E8576 BRACKET ASSY CL+P3A-E8593 ROLLER A CL+P3A-E9450 ROLLE A MONTIERT CL+P3A-E9453 ROLLE C KOMPL. CL+P3A-E9455 ROLLE KOMPLETT F=48 CL+P3A-F0085 VERKLEIDUNG (STOPPER) KOMPLETT CL+P3A-F0197 BRACKET ASSY CL+P3A-F0210 BRACKET (SPROCKET) ASSY CL+P3A-F0213 SPROCKET (GEAR) ASSY CL+P3A-F0303 SPLASH GUARD ASSY RF0740 CL+P3A-F0327 PLATE ASSY CL+P3A-F0416 LEVER RHS ASSY CL+P3A-F0510 SHEET BAR ASSY CL+P3A-F0576 COVER ASSY CL+P3A-F0595 LEVER LHS, ASSY CL+P3A-F0676 BRACKET (SPROCKET) ASSY CL+P3A-F1067 BRACKET (SPOCKET) ASSY CL+P3A-F1146 COUPLING (IN) CL+P3A-F1967 FLAP LEVER ASSY CL+P3A-F2516 COVER A (LO.) ASSY CL+P3A-F2662 BASE SUB ASSY A CL+P3A-F2668 BASE SUB ASSY B CL+P3A-F2862 WIRE ASSY 90A05N1 CL+P3A-F2863 WIRE ASSY 90A05N4 CL+P3A-F2864 WIRE ASSY 90A05N5 CL+P3A-F2865 WIRE ASSY 90A05N6 CL+P3A-F2867 WIRE ASSY 90A05N8 CL+P3A-F2871 WIRE ASSY 90A05N14 CL+P3A-F2872 WIRE ASSY 90A05N15 CL+P3A-F2873 WIRE ASSY 90A05N16 CL+P3A-F2874 WIRE HARNESS 90A05N19 CL+P3A-F2875 WIRE ASSY 90A05N20 CL+P3A-F2877 WIRE ASSY 90A05N22 CL+P3A-F2881 WIRE ASSY 90A05N26 CL+P3A-F2885 WIRE ASSY 90A05N30 CL+P3A-F2886 WIRE ASSY 90A05N31 CL+P3A-F2887 WIRE ASSY 90A05N32 CL+P3A-F2888 Kabelbaum CL+P3A-F2889 WIRE ASSY 90A05N34 CL+P3A-F2891 WIRE HARNESS (LANE DISTRIBUTOR) CL+P3A-F2962 ROLLER ASSY CL+P3A-F3151 WIRE HARNESS 90A0105N3 CL+P3A-F3237 WIRE HARNESS 90P05N2 CL+P3A-F3239 Kabelbaum CL+P3A-F3262 WIRE ASSY 90P2001N1 CL+P3A-F3263 WIRE ASSY 90P2001N2 CL+P3A-F3290 WIRE HARNESS 90P2001N3 CL+P3A-F3352 O-TRAY ASSY CL+P3A-F3775 WIRE ASSY 90P2001N17 CL+P3A-F3955 TRAY CL+P3A-F4618 BASE (DRIVE) ASSY CL+P3A-F4673 TURN ROLLER CD ASSY CL+P3A-F4951 NOZZLE SET CL+P3A-F5172 COUPLING (IN) CL+P3A-F5511 WIRE HARNESS 90P2002AB2N2 CL+P3A-F5526 WIRE HARNESS 90A05AB2N1 CL+P3A-F5527 WIRE HARNESS 90A05AB2N2 CL+P3-E0009 SHAFT CL+P3-E0011 SHAFT CL+P3-E0012 SHAFT CL+P3-E0067 COVER R CL+P3-E0075 PLATE (R) L CL+P3-E0096 GUIDE CL+P3-E0097 GUIDE CL+P3-E0098 GUIDE CL+P3-E0099 ROLLER CL+P3-E0100 ROLLER CL+P3-E0101 ROLLER CL+P3-E0104 ROLLER CL+P3-E0119 GUIDE CL+P3-E0121 GUIDE CL+P3-E0122 GUIDE CL+P3-E0159 GUIDE CL+P3-E0163 GUIDE CL+P3-E0212 SHAFT CL+P3-E0213 ROLLER A CL+P3-E0222 GUIDE CL+P3-E0230 PLATTE CL+P3-E0248 SLEEVE R CL+P3-E0249 SLEEVE L CL+P3-E0371 TANK (DEV/BF) CL+P3-E0407 BRACKET (MOTOR) CL+P3-E0408 GEAR (MOTOR) CL+P3-E0415 WINKELBLECH CL+P3-E0433 BRACKET (PIPE) CL+P3-E0467 HINGE CL+P3-E0476 ABDECKUNG B CL+P3-E0477 ABDECKUNG C CL+P3-E0484 COVER CL+P3-E0493 STAY CL+P3-E0495 RUBBER SHEET CL+P3-E0496 SHAFT CL+P3-E0503 HEBEL CL+P3-E0520 VERSTREBUNG 4 CL+P3-E0596 ACHSE A (ROLLE) CL+P3-E0599 ACHSE B (ROLLE) CL+P3-E0601 ROLLER C CL+P3-E0603 SHAFT (DRUM) CL+P3-E0608 BLOCK CL+P3-E0609 LEVER A CL+P3-E0612 SPANNROLLE CL+P3-E0836 LOCK BRACKET CL+P3-E0896 ROLLER CL+P3-E0897 ROLLER L CL+P3-E0898 AIR FILTER CL+P3-E1193 SHAFT (SB) CL+P3-E1195 BLOCK C CL+P3-E1349 STAY CL+P3-E1396 BLOCK U CL+P3-E1397 BLOCK (RINSE) CL+P3-E1623 GUIDE C CL+P3-E1442 TUBE CL+P3-E1443 TUBE CL+P3-E1468 DEV (PASS) L CL+P3-E1470 ROLLER (RINSE) CL+P3-E1674 COVER A CL+P3-E1476 COVER C CL+P3-E1480 ROLLER (IN) A CL+P3-E1490 LID CL+P3-E1806 TANK (MEASURING) CL+P3-E1807 CAP CL+P3-E1811 COVER (SB) CL+P3-E1812 PLATE (SPLASH) CL+P3-E1832 BLOCK L CL+P3-E1867 STOPPER CL+P3-E1887 ROLLER (A) CL+P3-E1894 ROLLER (B) CL+P3-E1901 ROLLER (C) CL+P3-E1956 HEBEL B CL+P3-E1973 BLOCK P19-55 CL+P3-E1977 BRACKET (BRUSH) CL+P3-E1978 BRUSH CL+P3-E1980 ROLLER E CL+P3-E2902 BRACKET CL+P3-E2911 SPLASH GUARD A (1P) CL+P3-E2921 ROLLER F CL+P3-E2956 GUIDE CL+P3-E3269 LID (FLOAT) CL+P3-E3357 BEVEL GEAR CL+P3-E3440 STAY CL+P3-E3552 SHAFT (ROLLER) CL+P3-E3591 COVER (L) CL+P3-E3663 GUIDE (B-S) CL+P3-E3691 FLOAT CL+P3-E3743 ACHSE (UMLENKROLLE) CL+P3-E3744 RUBBER RING CL+P3-E3930 SHAFT CL+P3-E3940 Gear CL+P3-E3987 BRACKET A CL+P3-E3995 BRACKET R CL+P3-E3997 BRACKET L CL+P3-E3999 GUIDE CL+P3-E4195 ROLLER CL+P3-E4454 ROLLER CL+P3-E4930 MOTOR BRACKET CL+P3-E4954 LABEL (AGFA) CL+P3-E4956 LABEL CL+P3-E4957 LABEL CL+P3-E4988 GUIDE D CL+P3-E5213 SCHLAUCH (SB) B CL+P3-E5381 CLUTCH(45°) CL+P3-E5382 BEVEL GEAR (24T)(45°) CL+P3-E5383 SHAFT C CL+P3-E5394 SQUEEZE ROLLER B CL+P3-E5395 SQUEEZE ROLLER B CL+P3-E5396 SQUEEZE ROLLER (6 GROOVES) CL+P3-E5397 SQUEEZE ROLLER B CL+P3-E5401 ROLLER (SQ)A CL+P3-E5402 SLEEVE C CL+P3-E5407 BRACKET CL+P3-E5481 CHAIN GUIDE (GREEN) CL+P3-E5512 ROLLER CL+P3-E5521 GUIDE (SPONGE ROLLER) RF748 CL+P3-E5522 GUIDE (SPONGE ROLLER) CL+P3-E5566 SHAFT (L) CL+P3-E5612 BRACKET (MOTOR) CL+P3-E5720 ROLLER CL+P3-E5723 ROLLER CL+P3-E5725 ROLLER CL+P3-E5729 GUIDE 1 CL+P3-E5731 ROLLER CL+P3-E5732 ROLLER A (F39.8) CL+P3-E5733 ROLLER CL+P3-E5764 BRACKET CL+P3-E5793 ROLLER (F39.8) CL+P3-E5802 ROLLER CL+P3-E5803 ROLLER CL+P3-E5809 BRACKET CL+P3-E5812 ROLLER F CL+P3-E5813 ROLLER R CL+P3-E6063 GUIDE (INLET ROLLER) CL+P3-E6077 BRACKET (SCREW) CL+P3-E6085 WINKEL (KUPLUNGSBOX) CL+P3-E6137 BRACKET (SPROCKET) ASSY CL+P3-E6161 HALTEBUEGEL CL+P3-E6342 BOTTOM ROLLER, EPDM 19,60+0,8 0 CL+P3-E6343 ROLLER IN (B), EPDM CL+P3-E6344 ABQUETSCHROLLE B, EPDM CL+P3-E6489 RINNE CL+P3-E6507 ROLLER A (INLET) CL+P3-E6508 ROLLER B (INLET) CL+P3-E6579 ROLLER A CL+P3-E6642 SENSOR (BRACKET) CL+P3-E6665 PLATE A CL+P3-E6683 CHAIN RAIL CL+P3-E6777 PIPE (STB3) CL+P3-E6783 BOTTOM ROLLER CL+P3-E6808 ROLLER A (SQ) CL+P3-E6813 ROLLER B (SQ) CL+P3-E6829 ROLLER CL+P3-E6830 ROLLER CL+P3-E6851 FUEHRUNG L CL+P3-E6861 GUIDE RHS CL+P3-E6962 SPROCKET CL+P3-E6963 CLUTCH CL+P3-E6964 BEVEL GEAR (24T) CL+P3-E6977 BLECH F. KETTENRAD CL+P3-E6995 SHAFT B CL+P3-E6996 SHAFT B(STB) CL+P3-E7004 SHEET CL+P3-E7024 MASK PLATE FRONT CL+P3-E7025 MASK PLATE REAR CL+P3-E7413 ROLLER CL+P3-E7414 ROLLER CL+P3-E7689 GUIDE R CL+P3-E7743 ROLLER CL+P3-E7771 GUIDE CL+P3-E7838 ROLLER CL+P3-E7883 HEAD BASE CL+P3-E7917 BRACKET FOR 52A-SUP-PCB CL+P3-E8039 BELT 6T25/330 CL+P3-E8551 SHAFT (INLET ROLLER) CL+P3-E8555 ROLLER B (INLET) CL+P3-E8560 ROLLER B CL+P3-E8561 ROLLE C CL+P3-E8562 SLEEVE (BOTTOM) CL+P3-E8563 SHAFT A (P.GUIDE) CL+P3-E8564 SHAFT B (P.GUIDE) CL+P3-E8565 PAPER GUIDE CL+P3-E8566 SHAFT C (P.GUIDE) CL+P3-E8567 SHAFT D (P.GUIDE) CL+P3-E8573 CHAIN RAIL A CL+P3-E8581 GUIDE PLATE CL+P3-E8585 BRACKET (SCREW) CL+P3-E8598 GEAR (Z=44) CL+P3-E8616 WORM WHEEL CL+P3-E8617 GEAR (Z=26) CL+P3-E8619 GEAR (Z=72) CL+P3-E8627 WORM GEAR CL+P3-E8670 ROLLER (EXIT) CL+P3-E8672 GEAR (T=33) CL+P3-E8710 ACHSE (ZAHNRAD) CL+P3-E8711 WELLE A CL+P3-E8712 ZAHNRAD (Z=36) CL+P3-E8713 ZAHNRAD (Z=70 - M1,5) CL+P3-E8714 ACHSE B CL+P3-E8715 ZAHNRAD (Z=18) CL+P3-E8735 FACHHALTERUNG CL+P3-E8742 ANTRIEBSSEGMENT (Z=120-M1) CL+P3-E8743 DISTANZSTUECK CL+P3-E8750 ANTRIEBSWELLE (SCHWENKKLAPPE) CL+P3-E8837 Klappe CL+P3-E8854 P-ZAHNRAD Z=48) CL+P3-E8860 ROLLER (A) CL+P3-E8862 ROLLER (C) CL+P3-E8886 ROLLE (SHIFTER) CL+P3-E8890 GUIDE (DRY) CL+P3-E8953 GUARD CL+P3-E8994 FLANGE 2 CL+P3-E9005 SHIELD RF0734 CL+P3-E9008 WANNE CL+P3-E9013 SCHUTZ CL+P3-E9088 TUBE 21 CL+P3-E9089 TUBE 22 CL+P3-E9132 ABDECKUNG CL+P3-E9260 LED COVER CL+P3-E9263 VERRIEGELUNGSSCHIEBER CL+P3-E9402 GUIDE XXX CL+P3-E9440 HAUPTACHSE (RACK) CL+P3-E9449 KLIP CL+P3-E9457 ACHSHALTERUNG CL+P3-E9458 BUCHSE CL+P3-E9462 UNTERE ROLLE CL+P3-E9465 FUEHRUNG UNTEN CL+P3-E9466 ACHSE UNTEN CL+P3-E9467 KLIP UNTEN CL+P3-E9468 BLOCK U CL+P3-E9469 WELLE (C,B) V CL+P3-E9470 ACHSE (SB) V CL+P3-E9471 KEGELZAHNRAD (Z=22) CL+P3-E9472 KEGELZAHNRAD (Z=13) CL+P3-E9473 BLOCK C CL+P3-E9474 KEGELZAHNRAD (Z=13) B CL+P3-E9475 KEGELZAHNRAD (Z=32) CL+P3-E9480 KUPPLUNGSSTUECK CL+P3-E9481 SCHNECKENRAD CL+P3-E9489 HALTERUNG C CL+P3-E9491 HAUPTZAHNRAD CL+P3-E9492 HAUPTHUELSE CL+P3-E9511 ROLLE B CL+P3-E9516 UMLENKUNG CL+P3-E9525 ROLLE A CL+P3-E9643 SCHAUMSTOFFROLLE CL+P3-E9678 KABELSCHUTZPLATTE CL+P3-E9724 V-WIPER CL+P3-E9864 ROLLER (E) CL+P3-E9851 LID CL+P3-E9873 ROLLER (F) CL+P3-F0032 COVER CL+P3-F0043 BASE CL+P3-F0222 GEAR (Z=32) CL+P3-F0243 ZAHNRAD (Z=18) CL+P3-F0324 EINLAUFROLLE UNTEN CL+P3-F0325 EINLAUFROLLE OBEN CL+P3-F0350 ROLLE G CL+P3-F0352 SCHAUMSTOFFROLLE H CL+P3-F0376 T-STUECK CL+P3-F0419 GUIDE CL+P3-F0421 SHUTTER GUIDE CL+P3-F0434 ROLLER RHS CL+P3-F0447 ROLLER A CL+P3-F0454 ROLLER B CL+P3-F0464 SHAFT HOLDER CL+P3-F0465 GUIDE SHAFT CL+P3-F0469 GUIDE CL+P3-F0470 PLATE CL+P3-F0487 GUARD CL+P3-F0488 TRAY CL+P3-F0505 SNAP SLEEVE CL+P3-F0512 BAR CL+P3-F0513 BRACKET (MOTOR) CL+P3-F0537 ABGESETZTE ROLLE CL+P3-F0634 PLATE (WIPER) CL+P3-F1170 MINI BUCKET CL+P3-F1171 HINGE BUCKET CL+P3-F1189 BRACKET (SHEET) CL+P3-F1195 SHEET (STOPPER) CL+P3-F1201 LIFTER A CL+P3-F1210 COVER R CL+P3-F1211 COVER L CL+P3-F1388 ROLLER C (CROSSOVER) CL+P3-F1389 ROLLER D (CROSSOVER) CL+P3-F1839 CAP (WATER) CL+P3-F1875 GEAR (8/25) CL+P3-F1876 GEAR 18 (DAMPER) CL+P3-F1928 ROLLER CL+P3-F1946 PLATE (GU) CL+P3-F1951 BELT (SORTER) 1087 CL+P3-F2054 PIPE B CL+P3-F2165 ROLLER CL+P3-F2166 ROLLER CL+P3-F2167 ROLLER CL+P3-F2168 ROLLER CL+P3-F2169 ROLLER CL+P3-F2170 ROLLER 36 CL+P3-F2194 GUIDE TOP (B) CL+P3-F2195 GUIDE TOP (U) CL+P3-F2528 RAIL C CL+P3-F2529 RAIL D CL+P3-F2574 TUBE CL+P3-F2575 TUBE CL+P3-F2602 TUBE (DOCKING) B CL+P3-F2605 TUBE (DOCKING) A CL+P3-F2665 RAIL A CL+P3-F2666 RAIL B CL+P3-F2685 BRACKET (PUMP) CL+P3-F2714 RAIL A CL+P3-F2965 ROLLER SHAFT CL+P3-F2966 ROLLER CL+P3-F3003 ROLLER CL+P3-F3006 ROLLER CL+P3-F3009 ROLLER CL+P3-F3010 ROLLER CL+P3-F3012 ROLLER CL+P3-F3202 ROLLER CL+P3-F3203 ROLLER B CL+P3-F3209 GUIDE 3 CL+P3-F3210 GUIDE CL+P3-F3379 GUIDE CL+P3-F3599 GUIDE CL+P3-F3626 ROLLER C CL+P3-F3628 ROLLER F CL+P3-F4009 BRUSH CL+P3-F4078 ROLLER G1 CL+P3-F4079 ROLLER G2 CL+P3-F4190 ROLLER R CL+P3-F4191 ROLLER L CL+P3-F4197 SHIELD CL+P3-F4307 LEVER LHS CL+P3-F4308 LEVER RHS CL+P3-F4638 FLOATING LID CL+P3-F4931 GUIDE TOP (B) CL+P3-F4967 GUIDE RHS CL+P3-F5143 BRACKET (BRUSH) CL+P3-F5265 GUIDE BX ENTRANCE CL+P3-F5280 ROLLER (SHIFTER) CL+P3-F5281 SPROCKET (Z18) CL+P3-F5290 GUIDE BOTTOM L CL+P3-F5291 GUIDE BOTTOM R CL+P3-F5300 GUIDE TOP (B) CL+P3-F5301 GUIDE TOP (U) CL+P3-F5314 PAPER GUIDE (EXIT) CL+P3-F5423 ROLLER S CL+P3-F5428 GUIDE CL+P3-F5447 ROLLER F CL+P3-F5478 EXIT GUIDE (OUTLET) CL+P3-F5486 V-WIPER CL+P3-F5533 BRACKET A CL+P3-F5534 BRACKET B CL+P3-F5677 GEAR (Z24) CL+P4-1018 SOLENOID 3EC-21-1/4 CL+P4-1019 LATCH SOLENOID DL-11 CL+P4-1058(4/1) SPACER KGLS-6S CL+P4-1062(1/1) CONVEX BUSHING CL+P4-1062(2/1) CONCAVE BUSHING CL+P4-1062(3/1) BUSHING CL+P4-1062(4/1) BUSHING CL+P4-1067 SICHERUNG(THERMO FUSE SF-109U) CL+P4-1077 GEAR HEAD 2GK15K CL+P4-1106(2/1) TERMINAL F1005-20S-2P CL+P4-1119(4/1) KB POPPET VALVE CL+P4-1119(4/1) POPPET VALVE SET FOR REPL.PUMP CL+P4-1146 D. KBPC 25-02 (BRIDGE) CL+P4-1147(15/1 CIRC.PROT.TBC5001-01-0910 CL+P4-1148 RELAY CL+P4-1148(1/1) RELAY G2J-442T-US-DC 24V CL+P4-1149(1/1) RETAINING BRACKET FOR RELAY CL+P4-1153(2/1) LIGHTENING SEC.A3PA-5703-248 CL+P4-1154(4/1) SICHERUNG (FUSE)0.5A CL+P4-1160 ORIX FAN CL+P4-1294 SOLENOID VALVE (P4-4561) CL+P4-1295 SOLENOID 3EC-AWG CL+P4-1334(6/1) THERMO FUSE DO90-002 CL+P4-1623 DC GEARED MOTOR LC37G-183 TV CL+P4-1447 SWITCHING REGULATOR HK-11-5 CL+P4-1479 HEATER AC 200 V 584 W CL+P4-1548(10/1 BELLOWS CL+P4-1579 MICRO SWITCH AH 2564 CL+P4-1606 06P-TMP-PCB CL+P4-1626(5/1) STECKERGEHAEUSE (M) QR/P4-8P-C CL+P4-1626(6/1) CONNECTOR (F) QR/P4-8S-C CL+P4-1630 SOLENOID PL-243B CL+P4-1631 DC SOLENOID G-1040 CL+P4-1632 MINI MOTOR CL+P4-1641(3/1) RIBBON CASSETTE CL+P4-1653 LAMP CL+P4-1655 THERMOSTAT CS-1 CL+P4-1658 CARTRIDGE HEATER 600W CL+P4-1669 MICRO SWITCH SS-01GL2 CL+P4-1669(18/1 MICRO SWITCH SS-01GL-F CL+P4-1695 BATTERY 3V 60R CL+P4-1705 BATTERY GB150RY CL+P4-1706 RIBBON CL+P4-1720 MOTOR 5SK-25GK-AUL CL+P4-1801(5/1) RAM CARD AFGA MSC/CLS UNPROGR. CL+P4-1854 BELLOWS PUMP KBA-3XBU1 CL+P4-1859(10/1 BELLOWS CL+P4-1859(3/1) O RING CL+P4-1868 RELAY G4F-11123T CL+P4-1949(1/1) SWITCH MLW-3022 (MSC3) CL+P4-1950(13/1 AT-602-6V (MSC3) CL+P4-1975(1/1) SENSOR (EESB 5M) CL+P4-1981 STEP MOTOR (S4H56BO6K-06) CL+P4-1997 FAN MOTOR DC COALA CL+P4-1998 FAN MOTOR CNDC 24B5 CL+P4-2000 REGULATER RS9-5 CL+P4-2003 LAMP M2BT CL+P4-2019 HOLDER (FUSE) FU4032F-250 3A CL+P4-2022 CONDENSER 10000 UF 35VL CL+P4-2026 SWITCH(GREEN)AL60-A12G CL+P4-2027 SWITCH(RED)AL60-A12R CL+P4-2031 CORD 2722AWG CL+P4-2053 PUMP KBA-3XAU1 CL+P4-2054 MOTOR 4SK15GN-AUL CL+P4-2068 7MD-10 PUMP AP (im Austausch) CL+P4-2069 SOLENOID AS-90833 CL+P4-2080 SENSOR 502AT-2 CL+P4-2083 POWER SWITCH NRLY2100F FP1-72 CL+P4-2084 NOISE FILTER MBS-1210-22 CL+P4-2092 SENSOR EE-SH3-CS CL+P4-2094 RESISTOR 150Q 1/4W CL+P4-2098 SWITCH AH73563604 CL+P4-2104 TRANSFORMER S-9UF5 750VA (im Austausch) CL+P4-2105 BLOWER FM12S55-1LKP CL+P4-2106 CONDENSER CMKS 12,F 250V CL+P4-2107 HOLDER (FUSE) GC1H-02 CL+P4-2108 CONDENSER CH23BUL CL+P4-2111 KLEMMLEISTE JTU30-4 CL+P4-2114 SURGE ABSORBER ERZ-C10DK 431U CL+P4-2120 THERMOSTAT CL+P4-2121 Sensor CL+P4-2128 //FUSE (3A 250V) 314003 CL+P4-2129 SELENOID S-1024 CL+P4-2134 VFD UNIT (im Austausch) CL+P4-2137 HEATER 600W FC-025C CL+P4-2138 HEATER 180W FC-021C TI CL+P4-2139 HEATER 150W FC-020C CL+P4-2141 CORD LOCK (14A) CL+P4-2150 PUMP (REPLENISHING)KBA-3ZAU1 CL+P4-2151 PUMP(REPLENISHING)KBA-2ZAU1 CL+P4-2152 PUMP(REPLENISHING)KBA-1ZAU1 CL+P4-2154 PUMP/AERATION/X-101 AC 100V CL+P4-2155 REGULATOR HK-7-5 0,5V CL+P4-2158 MOTOR A 3827-9215 CL+P4-2159 DRIVER UNIT CSD 5807 D (im Austausch) CL+P4-2203 DARK BAG (FP1-71) CL+P4-2204 FILM PICKER CL+P4-2222 BEARING 626Z CL+P4-2227 CLAMP CL+P4-2235 NUT CL+P4-2236 STAY (LEFT) B-82-2(L) CL+P4-2237 STAY (RIGHT) B-82-2(R) CL+P4-2238 CASTER N0102-N CL+P4-2239 CORD LOCK SK-12S CL+P4-2245 CATCH C-95-2 CL+P4-2246 KABELSCHUTZ KF-21 CL+P4-2249 WHEEL(FREE) 18T CL+P4-2251 BUSHING 80F-1006 CL+P4-2252 CHAIN (ROLLER) OCM35 CL+P4-2254 LINK (OFFSET) OCM352 CL+P4-2262 BEARING 80FL-08 CL+P4-2263 CLAMP TL-3G-SUS-F CL+P4-2267 BUSHING CL+P4-2269 SCREW A-40 NO.1 CL+P4-2271 RUBBER CL+P4-2279 DUST BOX CL+P4-2287 BUSHING (FLANGE) 80F-0810 CL+P4-2288 BEARING 80FL-06 FP3-72 FILM L CL+P4-2289 BUSHING (FLANGE) 80F-0812 CL+P4-2290 SPONGE W10X15,FP 3-72 LOADING CL+P4-2291 SPONGE W15XT10 CL+P4-2292 GEAR HEAD D-2038-144 1/150 CL+P4-2295 O-RING NBR70 DIN3771 CL+P4-2296 SNAP BUSHING CL+P4-2297 CLAMP ND-12 CL+P4-2298 ONE TOUCH CLATCH CL+P4-2299 RUPPER RING (14B) CL+P4-2303 CHAIN (ROLLER) OCM35 0,7 M LO CL+P4-2304 CHAIN (ROLLER) OCM42 CL+P4-2315 CHAIN (ROLLER) OCM35 CL+P4-2316 CHAIN (ROLLER) OCM42 CL+P4-2332 GEAR HEAD 2GK 36K CL+P4-2333 CHAIN (ROLLER)OCM 35 CL+P4-2341 RUBBER CL+P4-2342 FINGER GUARD FG-80 CL+P4-2391 O-RING NBR70 DIN3771 CL+P4-2641 FLOAT SWITCH OLV-20 CL+P4-2442(2/1) CONNECTOR 5051-03 (3P) CL+P4-2643(1/1) CONTACTOR CL+P4-2451 FLOAT SWITCH LS11R-OD CL+P4-2452 SWITCH CL+P4-2463(1/1) S.S.RELAY SF12 (MSC-2)DAZ-H1-4 CL+P4-2463(2/1) SSR SF 16 DAZ-H1-4 (CLS13) CL+P4-2487 LAMP PW SUPPLY UNIT (im Austausch) CL+P4-2522(3/1) FAN MOTOR DC PIXIE PUDC24 B CL+P4-2522(6/1) DC FAN PUDC24Z4 CL+P4-2559 POWER TRANS 6AT-1A (im Austausch) CL+P4-2562 BREAKER (30A) CL+P4-2566 LAMP SOCKET CL+P4-2584(1/1) CONDENSER CH23 BUL-C CL+P4-2584(2/1) CONDENSER CH15 BUL-C CL+P4-2606(2/1) INSULATION CL+P4-2608 MOTOR CL+P4-2609 GEAR HEAD CL+P4-2616(2/1) MOTOR 3RK-15GN-AMUL CL+P4-2618 POWER TRANS.6AT-5A CL+P4-2634(13/1 RIBBON CASSETTE CL+P4-2634(16/1 PRINTER (im Austausch) CL+P4-2634(17/1 BACK PRINT HEAD PA5-64013 CL+P4-2652 SOLENOIDE CL+P4-2658 85A-TMP KARTE TYP A (MSC3) (im Austausch) CL+P4-2713 HEATER STB (240V300W) (MSC) C CL+P4-2724 84P-PNL (MSC3) CL+P4-2757 SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY (im Austausch) CL+P4-2773(20/1 //FUSE 313001(250V 1A) CL+P4-2794(2/1) RAM-KARTE MSC UNGELADEN CL+P4-2861 SOLENOID OEC AWG36X F3-72188 CL+P4-2889 CARTRIDGE HEATER 300W CL+P4-2890 CARTRIDGE HEATER 420W CL+P4-2891 SOLENOID 3EC-21-1/4 CL+P4-2897 MG PUMP CL+P4-2898 MICRO SWITCH CL+P4-2914 CONDENSER CL+P4-2928(1/1) MICRO SWITCH AV 325211 CL+P4-2928(3/1) MAGNET M-803 CL+P4-2933 STEPPING MOTOR DRIVE CL+P4-2941(2/1) RELAY P4-1148 CL+P4-2941(3/1) RELAY HOLTER CL+P4-2942(1/1) SSR 10A CL+P4-2942(3/1) SSR 40A CL+P4-2944(12/1 CIRCUIT BREAKER CL+P4-2944(14/1 CIRCUIT BREAKER CL+P4-2944(5/1) CP. CIRCUIT PROTECTOR W28XQ1A CL+P4-2944(6/1) CIRCUIT BREAKER W28XQ1A-3 CL+P4-2944(7/1) CIRCUIT PROTECTOR W28XQ1A-4 CL+P4-2944(8/1) CIRCUIT PROTECTOR W28XQ1A-5 CL+P4-2944(9/1) CP.CIRCUIT PROTECTOR CL+P4-2963(2/1) FUSE HOLDER CL+P4-2971 INSULATOR CL+P4-2974 SILIGLASS CL+P4-2976 THERMO STAT CL+P4-2994 NOISE SUPPRESSION CPACITOR CL+P4-30039 SUPPLY ROLLER ASSY. CL+P4-30099 WIRE SPRING CL+P4-30231 SPRING CL+P4-3028 HEATER 240W FC-028C CL+P4-3033 HEATER 350W FC-030C CL+P4-3034 HEATER INTERGRATED 350W(BL) CL+P4-3035 HEATER INTERGRATED 420W(DEV) CL+P4-3037 HEATER 600W FC-032C FP3-72 CL+P4-30454 TURRET STOPPER RETAIN CL+P4-30516 SHOCK ABSORBER CL+P4-3054 DRIVE SWITCH (GREEN) CL+P4-3065 LAMP CL+P4-3075 MOTOR CL+P4-3076 DRIVER UNIT CSD 5814N-P CL+P4-3078 SWITCH RS-803NO CL+P4-3079 CIRCUIT PROTECTOR MAIN BREAKER CL+P4-3080 TRANSFORMER S-9TF532B (im Austausch) CL+P4-3081 NOISE FILTER MAS-1206-33 CL+P4-3082 SOLID STATE RELAY S2W220DD-18 CL+P4-3083 REGULATOR LDA15F-5-SN CL+P4-3084 SILICON STACK S-25VB-20 CL+P4-3085 CIRCUIT PROTECTOR W28XQ1A10 CL+P4-3086 CIRCUIT PROTECTOR W28XQ1A3 CL+P4-3087 CIRCUIT PROTECTOR W28XQ1A4 CL+P4-3091 TERMINAL 231-316/037-000 CL+P4-3092 MOTOR 4SK15GN-AUL CL+P4-3094 KABEL & STECKERGEHAEUSE CL+P4-3096 PUSH BUTTON SWITCH GREEN AL6H-M12G CL+P4-3097 PUSH BUTTON SWITCH ORANGE AL6H CL+P4-3098 SWITCH GUARD AL-KH6S CL+P4-3100 STECKERKONTAKT CL+P4-3101 MOTOR SJ10GA-AUL CL+P4-3102 CONDENSER CH18BUL CL+P4-3103 PUMP MAGNET CIRCULATION MD-15 CL+P4-3104 PUMP MAGNET CIRCULATION MD-20R CL+P4-3105 PUMP REPLENISHER KBR-3ZAU1-S56 CL+P4-3106 SENSOR EP5F502G1-5122 CL+P4-3108 BIMETAL 2455RC-082-302 CL+P4-3109 FUSE 2163.15 3,15A 250V CL+P4-3110 FUSE 2183.15 3,15A 250V CL+P4-3111 FUSE 218002 2A 250V CL+P4-3112 SENSOR EE-SH3 CL+P4-3128 SOLENOID AS90833U CL+P4-3130 CORD LOCK SCL-14B CL+P4-3131 CORD LOCK SCL-10B CL+P4-3135 CONDENSER CL+P4-3138 SWITCH CL+P4-3139 CIRCUIT PROTECTOR CL+P4-3141 TERMINAL CL+P4-3142 TERMINAL CL+P4-3143 TERMINAL CL+P4-3144 CIRCUIT PROTECTOR CL+P4-3145 CIRCUIT PROTECTOR CL+P4-3146 SOLID STATE RELAY CL+P4-3147 REGULATOR CL+P4-3148 REGULATOR CL+P4-3149 TRANSFORMER (im Austausch) CL+P4-3150 NOISE FILTER CL+P4-3152 REPLENISHER PUMP KBR-1ZAU1-S69 CL+P4-3153 SOLENOID VALVE CL+P4-3154 CONDENSER CL+P4-3155 TERMINAL CL+P4-3157 PUMP MD-20R-NL05 (CIRCULATION) CL+P4-3158 SENSOR EE-SX672A CL+P4-3159 MAGNET SWITCH CL+P4-3162 PUMP MD-10-NL-02 MAGNET CL+P4-3168 SW-EPROM FP100TU/AP72-B05 CL+P4-3231 CLAMP SNP-7 P4-3234 CL+P4-3234 CLAMP SNP-12,FPS CL+P4-3235 CLAMP-7 CL+P4-3237 CLAMP CL+P4-3238 CLAMP SNP-19 CL+P4-3239 CLAMP SNP-22 CL+P4-3243 GAS DAMPER FY0020 CL+P4-3249 O-RING P22A CL+P4-3251 HOSE 13X18X2000 RF0786 CL+P4-3261 CAP LIFT THA-241-1 CL+P4-3262 MAGNET M803 CL+P4-3263 RUBBER CL+P4-3265 FAN KA55B51-907 CL+P4-3269 CLAMP C-20 CL+P4-3273 BUSHING FLANGE 80F-0805 CL+P4-3274 BUSHING 80B-0610 CL+P4-3275 GEAR HEAD 4GA300L-D2 CL+P4-3277 CHAIN ROLLER OCM35SUS 235L CL+P4-3278 CHAIN ROLLER OCM42 63L CL+P4-3279 CHAIN ROLLER OCM42 (61 LINKS) CL+P4-3280 LINK OFFSET OCM35 SUS CL+P4-3281 VINYL HOSE BLACK,DIAMETER13X19 CL+P4-3282 TIE CL+P4-3283 SPACER CL+P4-3285 WASHER CL+P4-3289 WASHER CL+P4-3294 ROLLER CATCH CL+P4-3296 CLAMP CL+P4-3298 RUBBER CL+P4-3302(1/1) VINYL HOSE CL+P4-3304(1/1) VINYL HOSE CL+P4-3308 CORD LOCK SCL - 18B RF0790 CL+P4-3309 BUSHING KR-51 CL+P4-3311 BUSHING CL+P4-3312 PIPE CL+P4-3313(1/1) (CLEAR) VINYL HOSE CL+P4-3314(1/1) VINYL HOSE CL+P4-3316 LATCH CL+P4-3317 BUSHING CL+P4-3319 SPACER CL+P4-3324 CLAMP CL+P4-3327 SPRING POST SET CL+P4-3328 SPRING SET (KIT B) RF0751 CL+P4-3422 SYNCRONOUS MOTOR CL+P4-3433 POWER SUPLLY EWS100-15 (im Austausch) CL+P4-3434 5V REGULATOR P4-2651 (im Austausch) CL+P4-3449 GEAR HEAD 4GN100K CL+P4-3472 VERIEGELUNGSMAGNET CL+P4-3481 MOTOR CL+P4-3482 MOTOR CL+P4-3483 MOTOR 5SK-25GN-AUL CL+P4-3515 BREAKER CL+P4-3516 BREAKER CL+P4-3518 SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY (im Austausch) CL+P4-3519 SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY (im Austausch) CL+P4-3521 SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY (im Austausch) CL+P4-3531 LAMP CL+P4-3715(12/1 SICHERUNG AC250V 2A 216.502 CL+P4-3715(13/1 SICHERUNG AC250V 2.5A 216.025 CL+P4-3715(16/1 SICHERUNG AC250 V 6A CL+P4-3715(9/1) SICHERUNG AC250V 1A CL+P4-3721 HEATER 240V 250WTITANIUM CL+P4-3722 HEATER 240V 200W CL+P4-3731 Sensor CL+P4-3777 DC LUEFTER TUDC24Z4-956 CL+P4-3788 DC MOTOR DME33S37G-129 CL+P4-3801 FLOAT SWITCH CL+P4-3802 FLOAT SWITCH P4-61791 CL+P4-3804 BELLOWS PUMP CL+P4-3805(1/1) BELLOW (SIZE 3) CL+P4-3806 BELLOWS PUMP(UL) CL+P4-3806(1/1) BELLOW (SIZE 1) CL+P4-3809 AIR PUMP CL+P4-3811(18/1 BUSHING CL+P4-3813 STEPPING MOTOR CL+P4-3815 PHOTOSENSOR CL+P4-3820 THERMO STAT CL+P4-3821 FUES CL+P4-3822 FAN CL+P4-3823 HEATER AC200V 800W CL+P4-3825 MOTOR CL+P4-3826(1/1) SWITCH CL+P4-3826(2/1) SWITCH CL+P4-3828 GEAR HEAD CL+P4-3829 PHOTO SENSOR EE-SX4 CL+P4-3831 TEMP SENSOR CL+P4-3833 TEMP SENSOR CL+P4-3834 TEMP SENSOR CL+P4-3835 FAN P4-1148 CL+P4-3836 DC CROSS FAN CL+P4-3843 FUSE CL+P4-3844 MICRO TEMP CL+P4-3856 SWITCH HA1B-M1C1(R) CL+P4-3857 BELLOWS PUMP CL+P4-3858 BELLOWS PUMP CL+P4-3862 MAGNET PUMP CL+P4-3870 MICRO SWITCH CL+P4-3876(1/1) SWITCH MJ3B-65ASW CL+P4-3881 SWITCH CL+P4-3883(15/1 SPACER SP-15 CL+P4-3890 SOLENOID CL+P4-3891 MICRO SWITCH P4-7512 CL+P4-3897 STROKE SWITCH CL+P4-3900 AC ADAPTER SWA-1702W CL+P4-3903 Sensor CL+P4-39214 GEAR A CL+P4-39215 GEAR B CL+P4-39219 GEAR C CL+P4-39220 GEAR Z11 CL+P4-39235 SPROCKET WHEEL CL+P4-39245 SPROCKET WHEEL (NO. 1-10) CL+P4-39261 COLLAR CL+P4-39262 LAGERBUCHSE CL+P4-39267 SPRING HOLDER CL+P4-39286 SHAFT HOLDER C CL+P4-39515 Gear CL+P4-39531 COILED SPRING CL+P4-39551 TENSION COIL SPRING CL+P4-39552 SHAFT HOLDER CL+P4-39553 SHAFT HOLDER CL+P4-3973 HEATER 240V, 250W (CE/UL)SUS3 1 6 (0219) CL+P4-3974 Heater 240V, 250W(CE/UL)Titan CL+P4-3975 HEATER 240V,200W(CE/UL)SUS3 1 6 (0219) CL+P4-3988(2/1) TRANSFORMER 52PT2 CL+P4-3989 TRANSFORMER (CFP) CL+P4-3993 FINGER GUARD CL+P4-4037 STEP MOTOR KH56KM2-023 CL+P4-4040 HEATER 13847Z/98 CL+P4-4041 DC FAN FE-04029-AFB CL+P4-4042 DC CROSS FLOW FAN CL+P4-4044(3/1) NOISE FILTER FB356-36-24 CL+P4-4045 GEAR HEAD 5GN-120K CL+P4-4046 MOTOR 2RJ4GB-AUL CL+P4-4047 GEAR HEAD 2GB15K CL+P4-4050 STEPPING MOTOR PK264A1-SG7 CL+P4-40570 WIRE CL+P4-4061 POWER SUPPLY HWM600-023 (im Austausch) CL+P4-4062 POWER SUPPLY HWM600-024 (im Austausch) CL+P4-4065 TRANSFORMER 52PT3 (im Austausch) CL+P4-4071(1/1) AIR FILTER FL-12 CL+P4-4071(3/1) AIR FILTER FL-18 CL+P4-4084 MIKROSCHALTER SS-01GL1363 CL+P4-4085 TRANSFORMER 52PT1 (im Austausch) CL+P4-4086 THERMOSTAT 2455RMG-8002-5 CL+P4-4087 MICROTEMP D139-002 CL+P4-4090 PEEL-IC2 CL+P4-4094 GEAR HEAD 3GN-60K CL+P4-4100 DC FAN MMF-08C24DS CL+P4-4101 DC-FAN-MMF-12B24DH-R CL+P4-4103 IC ON 2509 MATSUSHITA 0221 CL+P4-4105 ADAPTER SWA 1502W CL+P4-41195 COLOR FILTER (S6B/39) CL+P4-4121 MAIN BREAKER BK ICP30-N-111-2 0 0E-25 (C CL+P4-4124(1/1) FLACHKABEL 12 CL+P4-4124(2/1) FLACHKABEL 14 CL+P4-4148 ROTARY SOLENOID 4EL45-27X6X6X9 CL+P4-41733 COLLAR A CL+P4-41734 BEARING B CL+P4-4190 THERMOSTAT 2450CM-8082-780 CL+P4-4199(1/1) PLUG FOR CONNECTION (10BASE-T) CL+P4-4199(2/1) JACK FOR POWER SUPPLY CONNECT I ON (10BA CL+P4-4200 RELAY G7L-2A-T (6VDC) CL+P4-4202 JACK FOR POWER SUPPLY CONNECT (im Austausch) CL+P4-4232 RELAY G7J-4A-T-KM CL+P4-4237 RELAY BRACKET R99-04 FOR G5F CL+P4-4240 INTERLOCK SWITCH AG-726 CL+P4-4249 SSR SF 15DYZ-H1-4 CL+P4-4256 BELLOWS PUMLP KBR-3ZAU1M-S76(DEV/FIX) CL+P4-4257 BELLOWS PUMP KBR-1XAU1M-S77 (B CL+P4-4260 BELLOWS PUMP KBR-3ZAU1M-S74 CL+P4-4264 BELLOWS PUMP KBR-3XAU1M-S75 CL+P4-4269(3/1) UEBERSPANNUNGSSCHUTZ CSBV-102M CL+P4-4300 BREAKER P4-4300 CL+P4-4305 DC MOTOR DME34B50G-271 CL+P4-4307 MOTOR 5SK-40GN-AF-E1 CL+P4-4308 GEAR HEAD 5GN-100K CL+P4-4311 MAIN TRANSFORMER 55AT-1 (im Austausch) CL+P4-4313 POWER SUPPLY MA4000034A (im Austausch) CL+P4-4314 POWER SUPPLY MA6000038A (im Austausch) CL+P4-4315 POWER SUPPLY MA6000033A (im Austausch) CL+P4-4316 POWER SUPPLY JWS300-24/CP (im Austausch) CL+P4-4318 POWER SUPPLY FKHJ04X-U (im Austausch) CL+P4-4325(1/1) CONDENSER CL+P4-4325(2/1) CONDENSER CL+P4-4325(3/1) CONDENSER CL+P4-43269 Gear CL+P4-43269H Gear CL+P4-4329 SSR G3-NE-220T-US? DC5V CL+P4-4330 DC FAN M33497-16 CL+P4-4332 FAN CL+P4-4334 FAN D12T-24PG CL+P4-4351 STEP MOTOR CL+P4-4352 STEP MOTOR PK268-02A-C44 CL+P4-4353 STEP MOTOR C8026-9212 CL+P4-4355 CLUTCH CYT-03-33-A-121 CL+P4-4356 CLUTCH CYT-03-33-A-122 CL+P4-4357 CLUTCH CYT-03-33-A-123 CL+P4-4358(2/1) RAIL CL+P4-4359 GX SWITCH CL+P4-4360(3/1) FEHLERSTROMSCHUTZSCHALTER F37 CL+P4-4367 MAGNET LPUMP ASSY MD-6-NL14,STB 1-3 CL+P4-4369 MAGNET PUMP ASSY MD10NL24(DEV-AG,BL,FIX) CL+P4-4372 DC DB GEBLäSE CL+P4-4378 BELLOWS PUMP KBR-3ZAU1M-S98F KBR-3ZAU1M CL+P4-4379 BELLOWS PUMP KBR-3ZAU1M-S97F CL+P4-4393 BREAKER CL+P4-4394 TERMINAL BLOCK CL+P4-4395 KLEMMLEISTE 25TB3 CL+P4-4396 STEP MOTOR CL+P4-4398(3/1) BUSHING 5MS CL+P4-4398(4/1) BUSHING 5WS CL+P4-4401 STEP MOTOR CL+P4-4405 TERMINAL BLOCK CL+P4-4406 BELLOWS PUMP KBR-3ZAU1M-S74-4 CL+P4-4407 KUPPLUNG CYT-04-33-A-29 CL+P4-4408 FAN CL+P4-44100 STOPPER GUM CL+P4-4411 STEP MOTOR C8394-9212K RF0785 CL+P4-4412 STEP MOTOR CL+P4-4413 SCHRITTMOTOR CL+P4-4417 SENSOR PS-0048 (0263) CL+P4-4418 MAGNET TZ-0046 CL+P4-4427 SCHALTNETZTEIL 24V (im Austausch) CL+P4-4434 MAIN TRANS 57AT-1 (im Austausch) CL+P4-4435 STEP MOTOR C8306-9012K (VEXTA) CL+P4-4440(1/1) SWITCH MB-2181 CL+P4-4440(11/1 BUTTON AT-413 CL+P4-4441 KLEMMLEISTE -1 CL+P4-4442 KLEMMLEISTE -5 CL+P4-4444 FAN (KB-707HC) CL+P4-4448 MAGNETVENTIL J241-277 CKD CL+P4-4449 ABSPERRVENTIL MAB-X0009 CL+P4-4453 TERMINAL BOARD TB4 CL+P4-4456 ANDRUCKMAGNET STC-TU2530 CL+P4-4459 HAUPTTRAFO 55AT-1 CL+P4-44613 SHAFT HOLDER A CL+P4-44625 ZAHNRAD CL+P4-4464 SWITCH PS3150 CL+P4-4465 MAGNET PS3002 CL+P4-4470 ENTSTYRFILTER FN356-50-24 (im Austausch) CL+P4-4472 SCHRITTMOTOR PK245-02A-C81 CL+P4-4475 SSR-RELAIS S5C-215LV CL+P4-4481 MOTOR 3RK15GN-AWMJ (im Austausch) CL+P4-4488 FAN (KB-707HC) CL+P4-4489 SICHERUNG H125-002 CL+P4-4492 CIRCUIT PROTECTOR SER-F-11-61-5 CL+P4-4496 SSR-RELAY SF15DYZ-H1-4 CL+P4-4500 TROCKNERHEITZUNG KOMPL. CL+P4-4501 CIRCULATION PUMP CL+P4-4503 AIR PUMP X-101(KOMPRESSOR) CL+P4-4515 STIFTKONTAKT CL+P4-4519 THERMO-SWITCH CL+P4-4531 THERMOSTAT CL+P4-4532 HEATER CL+P4-4545 NOISE FILTER MZS-1203-22 250V 3A 50/60H CL+P4-4550 //FUSE 250V 5A CL+P4-4553 //FUSE 250V 1A CL+P4-4567 FAN CL+P4-4580 FAN KL3B55 CL+P4-4582 REGENERIERPUMPE CL+P4-4587 HEATER 350W CL+P4-4588 HEATER 240W CL+P4-45962 SPRING CL+P4-45984 RUPPER RING CL+P4-46144 HEATER 240V 1.3 KW CL+P4-46181 //TURN ROLLER S CL+P4-4662 RELAY LY2US CL+P4-4689 SENSOR EE-SH3-DS CL+P4-4692 LEAD SWITCH CL+P4-4693 MAGNET RS-9M CL+P4-46932 BEARING A CL+P4-46933 COLLAR B CL+P4-46934 SPRING HOLDER CL+P4-4695 REPLENISHING PUMP CL+P4-4701 THERMOSTAT CL+P4-4706 MICROSCHALTER CL+P4-4738 PCB ASSY DR-934-530F CL+P4-4752 TEMP FUSE CL+P4-4756 MAIN TRANSFORMER 90AT-1 (im Austausch) CL+P4-4789 BREAKER CL+P4-4790 POWER SUPPLY (im Austausch) CL+P4-4791 POWER SUPPLY (im Austausch) CL+P4-4792 POWER SUPPLY (im Austausch) CL+P4-4793 PUMP MR-6-L03 CL+P4-4794 MAGNET PUMP MR-6-L09 CL+P4-4795 MG PUMP MR-10-L03 CL+P4-4797 MAGNET PUMP MR-10-L02 CL+P4-4798 BELLOWS PUMP KBR-1XAU1M-S169 CL+P4-4799(2/1) LED YELLOW DB-8 CL+P4-4801 SWITCH HA1B-M1C1-G CL+P4-4808 STEP MOTOR CL+P4-4809 PRINT HEAD CL+P4-4810(1/1) BAN-CARD 20624 CL+P4-4814 STEP MOTOR CL+P4-4815 STEP MOTOR CL+P4-48170 SENSOR HOLDER CL+P4-4836 STEP MOTOR 2-Phase 1,8° Step CL+P4-4851(1/1) CABLE DVI 1,8M CL+P4-4851(2/1) CABLE DVI,3M CL+P4-4891 MOTOR CL+P4-4892 GEAR HEAD CL+P4-48998 SHUTTER SHAFT CL+P4-4903 PAPER HEATER CL+P4-49437 AIR FILTER A CL+P4-49474 PUNCH PIN CL+P4-49482 COLLER CL+P4-49826 SPROCKET SHAFT CL+P4-49847 IDLE GEAR CL+P4-49855 SPRING B CL+P4-49857 PLATE CL+P4-49886 IDLER GEAR SHAFT CL+P4-49901 STOP RING PHI-5 CL+P4-49902 STOP RING PHI-7 CL+P4-49914 TEMP.CONTROL PLATE CL+P4-49920 FILTER STOPPER CL+P4-49921 FILTER LID-PAKT 07P-020 CL+P4-5001(2/1) EXCELLENT SLIDE BUSHING CL+P4-5001(3/1) BUSHING 0508F CL+P4-5001(6/1) BUSHING 0810F CL+P4-5002 BEARING WML F300677ST CL+P4-5002(1/1) COLLAR F608-2Z CL+P4-5002(1/2) COLLAR F686-2Z CL+P4-5002(10/1 BEARING F688ZZ CL+P4-5002(17/1 BEARING F698ZZ CL+P4-5002(2/1) BEARING CL+P4-5002(20/1 BEARING F689ZZ CL+P4-5002(21/1 BEARING MF148ZZ CL+P4-5002(22/1 MINIATURKUGELLAGER CL+P4-5002(23/1 BALL BEARING CL+P4-5002(25/1 LAGER MF106ZZS CL+P4-5002(26/1 BEARING MF63ZZS CL+P4-5002(29/1 BEARING MF128ZZS CL+P4-5002(3/1) COLLAR/ BEARING CL+P4-5002(34/1 BEARING WML F3006ZZST CL+P4-5002(35/1 FLANSCHKUGELLAGER WFN688ZZ CL+P4-5002(5/1) BEARING MF126ZZS CL+P4-5003(3/1) GRIP BLACK PB25X6 CL+P4-5006(10/1 LAGER 698ZZ CL+P4-5006(13/1 BEARING MR106ZZS P4-7512 CL+P4-5006(15/1 BEARING 688ZZ CL+P4-5006(25/1 BEARING 682ZZS P4-7512 CL+P4-5006(26/1 BEARING 683ZZS CL+P4-5006(27/1 BEARING MR95ZZS CL+P4-5006(28/1 BEARING MR128ZZS CL+P4-5006(32/1 KUGELLAGER 6903ZZ CL+P4-5006(33/1 BEARING 6202ZZ CL+P4-5006(34/1 BEARING 6003ZZ CL+P4-5006(35/1 KUGELLAGER CL+P4-5006(36/1 BEARING WML6012ZZ CL+P4-5006(38/1 BEARING MR 105ZZ CL+P4-5006(39/1 BEARING 6803ZZ CL+P4-5006(40/1 BEARING 6902ZZ CL+P4-5006(6/1) BALL BEARING 6002ZZ CL+P4-5008(6/1) WASHER CL+P4-5009 BACK PRINTER RIBBON CL+P4-50111 MOVING BLADE CL+P4-5012 BEARING ARF1215LD CL+P4-5013(11/1 DU BUSH MB0812DU CL+P4-5014(4/1) BEARING LM8UU P4-7512 CL+P4-5014(5/1) BEARING LM8SUU P4-7512 CL+P4-5016(2/1) BALL C-90-2 CL+P4-5017(19/1 BUSH CL+P4-5021(10/1 SPRING CL+P4-5021(8/1) SPRING CL+P4-50230 BUCKET SPRING CL+P4-50256 DEV-REP STICKER CL+P4-50277 INLET ROLLER GEAR CL+P4-5034(5/1) THUMB SCREW CL+P4-5034(8/1) SCREW CL+P4-5035(13/1 MAGNET CATCH TL-105 CL+P4-5037(10/1 BELT 112XL037 CL+P4-5037(11/1 BELT 82XL037(TYPE G) CL+P4-5037(12/1 BELT 166XLO37G CL+P4-5037(13/1 BELT 92XLO37G CL+P4-5037(14/1 ZAHNRIEMEN CL+P4-5037(15/1 BELT CL+P4-5037(16/1 BELT CL+P4-5037(3/1) ZAHNRIEMEN 276XL037 CL+P4-5037(4/1) ZAHNRIEMEN 106XL037 CL+P4-5037(5/1) ZAHNRIEMEN (XL) 66XL037 CL+P4-5037(6/1) MEGAPOWER PU- ZAHNRIEMEN CL+P4-5037(7/1) BELT 180XL037U CL+P4-5037(8/1) BELT 204XL037 CL+P4-5037(9/1) GATES ZAHNRIEMEN CL+P4-5087(10/1 SCREW A-1176-20 CL+P4-5089(1/1) WASHER TM-147-1 CL+P4-5089(2/1) WASHER TM-147 CL+P4-5117 PLUNGER (WASTE LIQUID) CL+P4-5119(5/1) CYLINDER MEASURING CUP 250ML CL+P4-5138 GEAR B CL+P4-5140(5/1) WASHER CL+P4-5148(17/1 GUMMIFUß K17 CL+P4-5179(3/1) BALL CATCH C90-2 CL+P4-5180(3/1) BALL FLASH C-90-2 CL+P4-5182(1/1) BEARING 6200 ZZNR CL+P4-5187 TIMING BELT CL+P4-5193(1/1) PLUNGER H323-2-5-1 P4-5037(1/ 1) CL+P4-5193(2/1) NYLATCH H323-3-5-1 CL+P4-5194(1/1) GROMMET H322-2-1 P4-5037(1/1) CL+P4-5194(2/1) NYLATCH H322-3-1 CL+P4-5195(12/1 HINGE B-27-1 CL+P4-52036 FEED RING P (CA.1 MM) CL+P4-5234 CLUTCH CL+P4-52557 IDLE GEAR CL+P4-52559 CHAIN TENSION SHAFT CL+P4-52560 CHAIN TENSION GEAR CL+P4-52561 SPROCKET CL+P4-5280 SPRITZFLASCHE ART NR.22-SF-05 CL+P4-5283 TWIN CHECK LABEL CL+P4-5285(1/1) HOSE BAND SNP-1-HSO CL+P4-5285(9/1) HOSE BAND CL+P4-5285(16/1) CLAMP SNP-28 CL+P4-5285(3/1) HOSE BAND SNP-2-HSO CL+P4-5298(3/1) HINGE CL+P4-5300(2/1) SPACER CL+P4-5300(20/1 SPACER CL+P4-5300(30/1 SPACER CL+P4-5300(37/1 SPACER BB (I=60) CL+P4-5301 NOZZLE SET (CLS 13) CL+P4-5315(10/1 BELT 164XL-037 CL+P4-5315(11/1 BELT 266XL-037 CL+P4-5317(20/1 TIMING BELT CL+P4-5317(7/1) TIMING BELT 80XL037 CL+P4-5318(14/1 BEARING RF1350ZZ CL+P4-5318(23/1 BEARING RF-2280ZZ CL+P4-5319(16/1 BEARING CL+P4-5319(18/1 BEARING LF-1360ZZ CL+P4-5319(24/1 BEARING CL+P4-5321(1/1) SYNCHRO BELT 90MXL-6.4 CL+P4-5321(14/1 SYNCHRO BELT 60MXL-6.4 CL+P4-5321(2/1) BELT 226M L6.4 CL+P4-5321(27/1 BELT MXL CL+P4-5321(31/1 ZAHNRIEMEN B140 MXL 4.8 CL+P4-5321(32/1 ZAHNRIEMEN B72 MXL 4.8 CL+P4-5321(33/1 ZAHNRIEMEN CL+P4-5321(34/1 BELT B185MXL4.8 RF0747 CL+P4-5321(35/1 POWERGRIP CTB CL+P4-5321(6/1) BELT B100MXL-9.5 CL+P4-5323 CHAIN 0CM35SUS CL+P4-5326(14/1 BEARING R-1350ZZ CL+P4-5326(1/1) STRAIGHT BOLT M4 X 40 CL+P4-5327 BELT CL+P4-5344 RECORD PAPER (LABELS, 400/PIL E ) CL+P4-5351 COLLAR DR-22-H8 CL+P4-5357(1/1) SCREW TL-215-1 CL+P4-5357(2/1) SCREW TL-215-2 CL+P4-5358(20/1 BEARING 607ZZ CL+P4-5358(25/1 BEARING CL+P4-5358(5/1) GRW - MINIATURKUGELLAGER CL+P4-53589 RACKING CL+P4-5366(11/1 HEAD T8 1319 CL+P4-5366(13/1 HEAD T8 1323 CL+P4-5366(32/1 SPRING ST-8 CL+P4-5368(1/1) BRACKET CL+P4-5433 BELT CL+P4-5442(1/1) BEARING LF-1060 CL+P4-5461(18/1 SCREW WITH SPACER M3-20L CL+P4-5461(4/1) SCREW M4X5 CL+P4-5461(5/1) SCREW WITH SPACER M3-6L CL+P4-5461(6/1) SCREW M4X9 CL+P4-5461(9/1) SCREW M3-5L CL+P4-5468 BELT CL+P4-5469 TOOL KIT (CLS13) CL+P4-5469(1/1) SCREW DRIVER LANG WESEL 350-P 2 -300 CL+P4-5470(12/1 SPACER CL+P4-5470(19/1 SPACER CL+P4-5470(32/1 SPACER (D=8X8L) CL+P4-5475(2/1) SPRING KE063-070-0286 CL+P4-54791 PRESSURE SPRING CL+P4-5480(2/1) LENKROLLE CL+P4-5508(18/1 SCREW CL+P4-5508(35/1 SCREW CL+P4-5508(39/1 SCREW CL+P4-5529(1/1) CAP (YELLOW) VCP-12 15 CL+P4-5529(3/1) PLASTIC CAP VCP 12-15 CL+P4-5543 BELT B134MXL6.4 CL+P4-55548 MOTOR GEAR 50/60 CL+P4-5569(33/1 BELT 146XL075 CL+P4-5569(61/1 TIMING BELT CL+P4-55751 STOP-RING 7N CL+P4-5578(1/1) SCREW M3X8 CL+P4-5578(3/1) SCREW TL233 CL+P4-5578(4/1) SCREW TL-233-4 CL+P4-5584(10/1 BELT 49MXL CL+P4-5584(11/1 BELT MXL67 CL+P4-5584(13/1 BELT (B87 MXL6.4) CL+P4-5584(15/1 TIMING BELT 232 MXL 9.5 CL+P4-5586(16/1 BELT B134 MXL 6.4 P4-7512 CL+P4-5586(17/1 BELT 144MXL CL+P4-5586(18/1 BELT B53MXL9.5 CL+P4-5586(19/1 NE - ZAHNRIEMEN Z=63 B=9,5 CL+P4-5586(20/1 BELT 56MXL9.5 CL+P4-5586(21/1 BELT 165MXL CL+P4-5586(23/1 BELT B150MXL9.5 CL+P4-5586(25/1 BELT B180MXL9.5 CL+P4-5586(27/1 BELT B210MXL-9.5 CL+P4-5586(28/1 PE - ZAHNRIEMEN Z=290 B=9,5 CL+P4-5586(29/1 BELT ( B103 - MXL - 9.5 ) CL+P4-5586(30/1 ZAHNRIEMEN B212MXL9.5 CL+P4-5586(31/1 ZAHNRIEMEN B180 MXL-6.4 CL+P4-5586(34/1 ZAHNRIEMEN Z = 215 CL+P4-5586(35/1 BELT 200MXLX9.5 CL+P4-5586(36/1 ZAHNRIEMEN Z = 240 CL+P4-5586(37/1 ZAHNRIEMEN CL+P4-5586(38/1 BELT B146MXL9.5 CL+P4-5586(39/1 BELT B87MXL9.5 CL+P4-5586(40/1 BELT CL+P4-5586(5/1) POWERGRIP CTB CL+P4-5586(6/1) ZAHNRIEMEN CL+P4-5586(7/1) BELT 140X90 P4-5037(1/1) CL+P4-5586(8/1) ZAHNRIEMEN Z = 337 CL+P4-5586(9/1) BELT 548 MXL CL+P4-5595(2/1) TIMING BELT 200 MXL CL+P4-5596(3/1) BUSH CL+P4-5596(5/1) BUSH #80 CL+P4-5597(1/1) OILES FRANGE BUSH 80F-0805 CL+P4-5597(10/1 FLANGE BUSH 80F-0803 CL+P4-5597(12/1 FLANSCHBUCHSE 80F-1005 CL+P4-5597(14/1 SLEEVE 80F-0503 CL+P4-5597(2/1) FLANGE BUSH #80 80F-0605 CL+P4-5597(4/1) BUNDBUCHSE CL+P4-5597(5/1) FLANGE BUSH CL+P4-5597(7/1) BUNDBUCHSE #80 80F-0406 CL+P4-5597(8/1) BUNDBUCHSE 80F-0603 CL+P4-5597(9/1) BUSHING CL+P4-5598(9/1) STOPPER CL+P4-56053 LOCK CL+P4-56263 UPPER DIFFUSER CL+P4-56640(3/1 CONTR.STRIP LEAD CARD 5"127 P 4 -50238(8 CL+P4-56640(4/1 CONTR. STRIP LEADER 127 152) P 50238(9/ CL+P4-5676(1/1) RUBBER KA-12 CL+P4-5682(11/1 SCREW M4X5 CL+P4-5682(12/1 SET SCREW M4X6 CL+P4-5682(13/1 SCREW M4X8 CL+P4-5682(14/1 SCREW CL+P4-5687(6/1) BELT SYNCHRO 58TN15 CL+P4-5702(12/1 PRESS-FIT PLUNGER PPR-8-KD CL+P4-5713(1/1) Anschlaggummi CL+P4-57170 PULLEY CL+P4-57182 ACTUATOR CL+P4-57313 GUIDE CL+P4-57314 GUIDE CL+P4-5732(19/1 RUPPER CL+P4-5732(9/1) RUBBER SPM-47-G1 CL+P4-57384 SHAFT CL+P4-57387 SHAFT (HOOK) CL+P4-57401 HOOK CL+P4-57403 STOPPE (SOLENOID) CL+P4-57411 ROLLER CL+P4-57416 BRACKET CL+P4-57417 LEVER (PAPER DELIVERY ASSY) CL+P4-57418 BRACKET (SOLENOID) CL+P4-57420 SPRING (BRIDGE) CL+P4-57421 SPRING CL+P4-57424 SHAFT (IDLER) CL+P4-57448 SHAFT(GEAR) CL+P4-57456 GUIDE CL+P4-57457 GUIDE CL+P4-57459 GUIDE CL+P4-57460 GUIDE CL+P4-57471 SPACER (WIRE) CL+P4-57475 SHAFT (PULLEY) CL+P4-57478 WIRE CL+P4-5748(2/1) VALVE CL+P4-57481 SPRING CL+P4-57515 GUIDE F3-45226 CL+P4-5752(1/1) SOLENOID CL+P4-5753(1/1) CADDER CHAIN 121 CL+P4-5753(3/1) CADDER CHAIN 329 CL+P4-57531 SPRING (LEFT) CL+P4-57545 GUIDE (CUTTER 2)66A-0109A/20 CL+P4-5762 CONSTON SPRING CL+P4-5763 CONSTON SPRING(C) 0.2KG CL+P4-5766 TOOL KIT CL+P4-5771(7/1) BANPON TM-166 NO.18 CL+P4-5773 ROTARY DAMPER FRN-CP6 CL+P4-57897 GUIDE(SHUTTER) CL+P4-57907 SHAFT CL+P4-5792 120 MAGAZINE ASSY CL+P4-5795(7/1) NYLONKUGEL CL+P4-58057 GUIDE CL+P4-58091 TUBE OVER FLOW CL+P4-58099 TUBE (DEV) CL+P4-58101 TUBE (S/W) CL+P4-58102 TUBE (BF) CL+P4-58116 PVC TUBE REPLENISHMENT CL+P4-58117 TUBE (DEV) CL+P4-58118 TUBE (BF) CL+P4-58119 TUBE (STB) CL+P4-58123 TUBE CL+P4-58198 SPRING (V GUIDE) CL+P4-58209 PIPE(GUIDE) CL+P4-58247 SHAFT CL+P4-58253 COVER A CL+P4-58254 COVER B CL+P4-58256 GEAR CLS13 Z13 CL+P4-58283 GEAR CLS13 Z15 CL+P4-58284 Achse CL+P4-58291 BUNDLAGER CL+P4-58327 SHAFT CL+P4-58356 DRYER FILTER CL+P4-58374 ROD CL+P4-58377 SHAFT CL+P4-58397 LEVER CL+P4-58398 SPRING CL+P4-58399 SHAFT CL+P4-58400 Gear CL+P4-58401 SPROCKET WHEEL CL+P4-58408 GUIDE CL+P4-58410 GUIDE CL+P4-58415 COVER CL+P4-58416 COVER CL+P4-58419 GUIDE CL+P4-58420 GUIDE CL+P4-58421 GUIDE B CL+P4-58437 CAP CL+P4-5886(19/1 STOP RING CL+P4-5886(34/1 STOP RING CL+P4-5886(36/1 STOP RING 5 CL+P4-5886(38/1) STOP RING CL+P4-5886(43/1 STOP RING 4.1 CL+P4-5888(3/1) JOINT BF6 CL+P4-5891 CUTTER ASSY (im Austausch) CL+P4-5892 GEAR HEAD 6H18 CL+P4-5893 BELT SET (PS) 50.5+61.5X177 CL+P4-5893(1/1) PS BELT, 61.5X177 CL+P4-5893(2/1) PS BELT, 50.5X177 CL+P4-5895 PRINT HEAD CL+P4-5897 RIBBON CASETTE(WITHOUT LUG) CL+P4-5898 gas spring CL+P4-5901 CHAIN RS25 SUS304!!! 146 LIN KS!!!! CL+P4-5903 SPRING CL+P4-5904 BRUSH CL+P4-5905(4/1) PIPE CL+P4-5909 RUBBER SPM-50-CR-G7 CL+P4-5912 CHAIN 35 CL+P4-5913(1/1) MAGNETVERSCHLUß TL-238 CL+P4-5913(2/1) MAGNET CATCH TL-238-1 CL+P4-5913(7/1) MAGNET CATCH CL+P4-5914(1/1) FASTENER CL+P4-5914(3/1) FASTENER TL-68 CL+P4-5915 HANDLE A-88 CL+P4-5916(1/1) BEARING 608X6ZZNR CL+P4-5917 HANDLE THA-241-2 CL+P4-59176 LABEL CL+P4-5919(1/1) 2 GT BELT CL+P4-5919(2/1) BELT 190-2GT-6 CL+P4-5921 gas spring CL+P4-5922 HANDLE THA-32-NO3 CL+P4-59244 HOLDER POLE CL+P4-5937 0-RING CL+P4-5941 CHAIN SUS304 CL+P4-5941(2/1) CHAIN SUS 304 L0100 CL+P4-5942(2/1) GROMMET (C-30-SG-12A) CL+P4-5946(1/1) O-RING FOR CHEMICAL FILTER CL+P4-5944(2/1) O RING CL+P4-5945(13/1 BEARING CL+P4-5945(22/1 MINIATURKUGELLAGER CL+P4-5945(23/1 BEARING MNB DDL 1680HH CL+P4-5945(48/1 BEARING DDL-1480ZZ CL+P4-5946(23/1 BEARING (DDLF-1910ZZ) CL+P4-5946(45/1 BEARING DDLF-1680HH CL+P4-59493 STAGE CL+P4-5953 OIL JUG 5L CL+P4-5957(1/1) PARALLEL KEY CL+P4-5957(2/1) KEY 3X3, 1=28 CL+P4-5957(3/1) MOTOR KEY CL+P4-5964 Magnet CL+P4-59696 ROLLER CL+P4-5970 SLIDE RAIL CL+P4-5974 ROTARY DAMPER (FRT-CP10) CL+P4-5978 SPROCKET ASSY CL+P4-5979 MAGIC BAND CL+P4-5980(3/1) CATCH CLIP C-1537-A-3 CL+P4-5981(1/1) BEARING CL+P4-5981(2/1) BEARING MF148ZZMC3D4MS CL+P4-5981(3/1) BEARING F686ZZMC3D4MS CL+P4-5982(6/1) CASTER 420EA N50 CL+P4-5987(5/1) ROTARY JOINT TLR6-M6 CL+P4-5988(9/1) JOINT SL6-M6 CL+P4-5994 gas spring CL+P4-5995(2/1) BEARING CL+P4-5997 SLIDE RAIL ND160-22T CL+P4-5998 SLIDE RAIL ND160-22-C3R CL+P4-6000 DUMPER CL+P4-6001(2/1) BUMPER CL+P4-60027 Gear CL+P4-6004 SLIDE RAIL CL+P4-60041 SPACER CL+P4-60047 SPROCKET WHEEL CL+P4-6010(2/1) BEARING MR84ZZMC3D4MS CL+P4-6013(20/1 TIMING BELT CL+P4-6015 CUTTER ASSY (im Austausch) CL+P4-6016 CUTTER ASSY ORC FPRA4 RL (im Austausch) CL+P4-6020 INTERMEDIAL CARTRIDGE CL+P4-60200 Filter CL+P4-60201 Filter CL+P4-6022(1/1) FASTENER CL+P4-6024 Cartridge Opener CL+P4-6028 AMP SCREW CL+P4-6029(1/1) Rillenkugellager mit Bund CL+P4-6029(4/1) KUGELLAGER 6900ZZNR CL+P4-60401 FRAME CL+P4-60402 PLATE CL+P4-6049(4/1) FUNNEL 1 PIECE CL+P4-6065(2/1) CASTER THN-50-PH

This article was published on 05/14/2010.
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