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Noritsu service password

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Noritsu minilabs service password calculating

   Today we will talk about Noritsu minilab service password. What Noritsu service password is, what it is for, how to get it, how to calculate, how to use.

Noritsu service password

What is Noritsu minilab service password

One who work with Noritsu minilab knows thet sometime melfunctions occure. Or sometime one need to provide some minilab adjustment which is not available in regular operation software. In order to provide some service to minilab one has to enter into service software mode, but minilab require Noritsu service password.

Where can I get Noritsu minilab service password

This Noritsu service password is not constant, it changes depending on current date on calendar. Service personall knows how to calculate Noritsu service password, but sometime their service facilities cost so much! That is why every Noritsu minilab user wants to get know how to calculate Noritsu minilab service password by himself.

How to calculate Noritsu minilab service password

So, lets see how to calculate service password for Noritsu minilab. Its easy to see by example. For example, today is: 2009/10/08. We need to mirror-turn 20091008, it becomes 80019002. This number we need to divide by 2260. So, 80019002 / 2260 = 35406,638053097345132743362831858 First 4 digits after comma - 6380. So, Noritsu minilab service password for date 2009/10/08 is 6380.

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