Conditions of Use

Privacy which we guarantee

All confidential information which we exchange with the clients, containing such data, as for example, the personal and financial information and other data providing strictly limited access, are without fail transferred in the ciphered kind, with use of report SSL guaranteeing maximal Privacy and safety. We guarantee privacy of all confidential information sending from clients. We guarantee, that this information will not be accessible or transferred by us to somebody, including private persons and the organization.

Server SSL
Protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) codes all data transmitted through the Internet between the client and a server. This system guarantees transfer of the information only between clients connected to each other through this report, and access to the data or interception and use of the information by the third parties is impossible.

Return or monetary compensation:

For all returns, you must first contact us and get approved.

You can refuse product only in case the delivered product mismatch product you ordered.
The products can be returned not later, than within one week of receipt.
Goods must be returned to us in its original unused condition in the original packaging, with the accompanying documents.
Shipping, handling, taxes and insurance fees are non refundable.

We hope, that making an order in our shop, you will be pleased with our service.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Conditions of granting of services (Online agreement)

Underwritten is conditions of the agreement between the internet shop (further "Company") and the buyer ("Buyer") about purchase of the goods or services, through the Internet Site of Company ("Site"). If you do not agree with these conditions, you cannot get our goods and services, therefore please overlook attentively these conditions before purchasing:

1. Introduction.
the Buyer agrees with the conditions stipulated in this Agreement of the contract parties ("Agreement"), with everything, as to the goods, services and the information given through the Site. This Agreement represents the contract between the Company and the Buyer, and replaces any previous or other agreements, contracts and guarantees, and stipulates everything, as to the goods, services and the information given by means of the Site. The buyer agrees to overlook and recognize this Agreement before purchase of the goods or services on the Site.

2. The information for Payment.
the Buyer understands and guarantees, that the information sent him about a credit card is true, correct and full. Payment of the goods and services carried out by the Buyer, will be accepted by the company of a credit card of the Buyer and the Buyer is obliged to pay cost of purchase of the goods and services, and as cost of delivery of the goods in the sum presented at the moment of payment, including all applied taxes. The buyer should be responsible for all payments which have been carried out with use of the Buyer password. The buyer agrees to hold his or her password confidentially and to notify the Company within the limits of 24 hours on any non-authorized use of the password or infringement of this Agreement. The company does not protect the Buyer from non-authorized use of the password of the Buyer. The maximal cost of one realized transaction between the Buyer and the Company cannot exceed the sum equal $10,000 the USA.

3. The copyright.
the Contents of the Site is protected by copyrights, including applied trade marks and other, (including, but not being limited to the intellectual property). The organization, gathering, compilation, magnetic translation, digital transformation and other actions connected to use of materials and as copying, redistribution, use or the publication the Buyer of the full contents or any part of the Site is forbidden.

4. Editing, removal and updating.
the Company reserves for itself the exclusive right on editing, removal or installation on the Site of any information, and as removal or installation of any goods and services for sale. The company can modify this Agreement, or the prices for the goods and services, with the notice on it the Buyer if it is stipulated in the Agreement on granting Services, and can stop functioning or modify any or all sections of the Site at own discretion and without the prior notification. Updating of this Agreement will be considered valid after its publication on the Site, and to concern to the transactions made after date of the publication.

5. The right of refusal.
the Company reserves for itself the right at own discretion to stop sale of the goods and granting of services, and also to adjust access to purchase of any goods or services.

6. Compensation.
the Buyer agrees to compensate, protect and support a position of the Company and its suppliers, partners and licensors in safety from any responsibility, negative profits, claims and charges, including the reasonable lawyer fees concerning to infringement by the Buyer of this Contract or use of the Site.

7. Restriction of transfer of the rights to other person.
the Right of the Buyer to use Service is his personal right and is not subject to transfer to other person or the organization and is adjusted by limits and conditions established by the Company or the Company of a credit card of the Buyer.

8. Limited liability.
The given goods and services, the contents and also services given through other services stipulated "as exist" and " as accessible " and all guarantees, obvious or implicit are refused (including, but not being limited to refusal of any implicit guarantees of commercial value and suitability for the specific goal). the unique and whole maximal responsibility of the company for any reason before the buyer uniform and unique indemnification for any reason, will be limited of the sum paid by the client for the got concrete goods or services. the company and any of its partners, dealers or suppliers are not responsible for anyone indirect, special, casual, or the subsequent damage, (including damage and losses in business, reduction of the income, actions of proceeding, or similar charges losses and expenses) regardless of the fact that they were based on infringement of the contract, infringement of the guarantee, negligence (including the negligence), as a result of use of the product or service or the different way even if it has preliminary been informed about the opportunity of such damage. restrictions of damage stated above - fundamental elements of the basis of the transaction between the company and the buyer. this site, the goods and services should not be considered without such restrictions. some state laws can be applied concerning restriction of the responsibility. any possible proceedings are carried out in court of the Ukraine.

9. Use of the Information.
the Company reserves the right, and the Buyer authorizes the Company on use to destination the information concerning use by the Buyer of the Site and the information given by the Buyer, according to laws in force.

10. Other.
This Agreement should be considered in that view as it is published by the internet shop, and should be applied and interpreted according to laws of the Ukraine. Any actions of the Buyer, concerning his claims should be made within six months (6) after any purchase carried out on the Site or the buyer for ever refuse the claims. All actions should be made within the framework of the restrictions stated in Section 8. The contents of this Agreement should be stated and understood in such a manner that its sense is equally equivalent for both parties(sides). If any of parts of this Agreement will be recognized wrong or impracticable, this part should be harmonized with the law so that to reflect initial intentions and interests of both parties. Other parts should remain in full force and action. In case something concerning to the Site or the Company, enters the conflict or the contradiction to this Agreement, this Agreement is priority. Failure of the Company in realization of any granting this Agreement to the Buyer should not be considered as clearing of such granting or clearing of the right to carry out such granting.